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mystical question.

Carol  ·  Jan. 8, 2012

part of the reason that last dog bite hurt so much is because i got bit on my ham string which was already sore and inflamed...this morning it is swollen and tight so i am trying to decide if the bite went deep enough to start an infection there or is it just swollen and tight because the hamstring is getting more irritated and inflamed.

this is the drag about getting old...forget about my tendency to piss people i am starting to piss my very own body off.

my cell phone is still acting up, the freaking thing won't hold a charge...tomorrow i will go and get it looked at, don't know if i just need a new battery or an entire new phone.

i was thinking of writing a day in the life of mystic know...7 am hurry up and wait for breakfast...9 am..hurry up and wait to go out to the barn...10 am til early afternoon: hurry and run and run and run around the pond, play with the toys, dig a big hole, get knocked down and chewed on by june, get covered in mud.... 2 pm..nap for a few hours, periodically wake up and chew on the couch, a slipper or if lucky, the remote control...6 pm hurry up and wait for dinner..8 pm... thunder around and play on the bed...10 pm snuggle in and sleep til carol gets up again.

and while that is pretty much what she does in a day, it doesn't show the shining light and beauty of her joy while she is doing it all.
mystic is an interesting dog, she came here as a 3 month old palliative puppy and has grown up with absolutely no rules, no training, no expectations except that she has fun every day. and she really has become the very nicest and sweetest and most gentle of happy, happy issues except her ripping up shit which developementally is so normal for young dogs under two.

makes me wonder how much our busy body interference in a young pups normal developement totally screws their heads up. would more dogs be so absolutely and totally lovely like mystic, if we just let them alone to grow up their own time and way?

or is mystic just mystically wonderful because she was just born that magical way?



She did???? She spent an hour out there on Friday racing around the pond trying to figure out how to get those ducks ..good for her!!

Bunny Horne

Today while I emptied my wheel barrow I heard ducks fly into the pond. They were swimming and quacking. Then I heard a huge splash. I went and looked and Mystic was swimming out to the ducks. They actually stayed their until she got really close, then they took flight. She just swam to the other side of the pond, got out, ran back around, grabbed a stuffed animal and ran back to the barn with her stuffy with a big smile on her face. She is the happiest of animals.


the difference is she is not growing up in a household where she could not do whatever she wanted. in a home she would have to follow some sort of rules that is just the way it is and most dogs can follow these rules very well. she is in a place where she can pretty much do whatever she wants and for her that is great, but how many people want to constantly replace remotes and slippers etc. for the time she has she could not have a better place than saints she is a free spirit and a very lively lovely girl. she has an exceptionally good home where she is given the freedom to do whatever she wants. what puppy or dog would not want that.


she was born with bilateral renal dysplagia...she will feel fine,til her kidneys give out and she gets sick.

jamie bryk

Carol, you can see the beauty that is Mystic in all of the pictures you post (thank you for them). She is an amazing bundle of love. I can't imagine her being happy anywhere else, you can tell she loves her home & family ! Not sure what her health issues are, she is loving her life thanks to her family at Saints.


I think this dogs amazing persona is the direct result of loving him for who he is and not locking him away to squall his exuberant energy and to prevent him from chewing this and chewing that. Puppies chew stuff, dogs do too.. puppies are full of beans , dogs are too. And kittens and cats, oh and pigs too ;o) . Would my living room be in better shape if i had everyone locked up, would i still have quilt Mom made me , would i have a dish of candy still on the coffee table, would the bite marks on the coffee table be there .. but to lock them up no way... you love em for who they are and that is the way it should be.