Rescue Journal

the barn yard is all upset...

Carol  ·  Jan. 8, 2012

we moved caroline into the shop with edith..(flicka has accidently run her over twice that we know of...) and she is too frail and old to protect herself and move out of the way anymore.

so here is the current upset count...

elizabeth and annie want their friend back.
carl is enraged that someone stole one of his sheep and spitting at everyone.
percy is beyond upset, got into a fight with carl and then tried to permanently take out jenn.
edith is pissed off that there is an old sheep in her private shop pen and started pushing caroline around. (i divided off half the pen so edith the devil goat leaves sweet caroline alone.)
caroline is bewildered and freaked out that we made her leave her beloved farm yard.

and i have a a bone deep chill and a freaking nasty bath, quick nap and hopefully in the next hour and a half before i put everyone to bed..they have all settled down.



So true Ali, Percy would never intentionally hurt us.. he was upset and now we know , when Percy is upset.. stay out of the fields until he settles down.. I think he thought Jenn was moving in to spirit someone else away. He is a very sensitive cow.


A good reminder to us all that although they are the nicest, most gentle herd on the planet, they are still very large animals and could hurt someone, even if only accidentally. Hope you didn't have to change your shorts Jen and I'm glad Mo was there to help.


Poor Jenn.. at first I didn't think she was really in trouble.. I could see her standing in front of him..shaking her finger ( at a 1500 pound cow ) and saying No Percy, No Percy.. then I saw the look on her face ..

That happened to me once when he was much smaller & it gave me quite an adrenaline rush were brave Jenn.


percy was pissed and tried to run jenn down but mo saved her by tossing apples and distracting him. he really does not like us goofing around with his herd.

Bunny Horne

Carol, Brent said don't forget to unplug the battery in the shop and plug it back in tomorrow. Don't leave it charging over night.


Carol I forgot my cleaning bucket in the back cat room (should be on the carriers behind the door)!oops! Got all distracted doing nail trims!

Lori Paul

No sentient being likes change, especially when it's someone else's idea :)