Rescue Journal

simple minded

Carol  ·  Jan. 12, 2012

so far from the shop..the guys have taken 3 pick up truck loads to the dump and i have taken 2 van loads out to the chilliwack shelters..there is no way that shop is going to be properly de-junked and organized before i head back to work but if we keep at it as a work in progress, we should get there eventually...i hope.

all of the dogs were crowding around hoping for some of my dinner while odie was trying to dig out the computer tower and cables again. i don't know what that blind dog thinks is back behind there..but he is pretty convinced something is there that he wants.

esther's stim test results are back and she is now cushings disease. we will start the induction phase of her meds in the next couple of days.

ryan taped up june's holes in the couch and renee and i both sprayed it with nasty tasting far so new holes to be i will go and make mystic's couch taste like shit.

AGHHHH! my head is going to implode from too much information overload. sheila is trying to explain to me how to do searches/spreadsheets/viewing reports on paypal relating to tax receipts..trina from AC was explaining to me about the ins and outs and all the doumentation/responsibilities in regards to poor wee head is bursting! simple world is so much easier to navigate..see some poop or pee and clean it up...see a sick animal and take it to the vet, see a sad or bored or lonely animal..give them a bit of cheer...see a wet or soiled blanket..wash it, dry it, fold it and put it away on the right shelf, see a dog who wants to go out..let him or her out...see a dog who wants back in..let him or her back in, see a dog barking his or her head off..give him or her what he or she wants so he or she shuts the hell up......AND....see a chewed on couch, tape it, and spray it with nasty tasting shit.

the rest of rescue just boggles my brain...why does everything have to be so freaking complicated?

hot chocolate and baileys, finish that new book that i started and pull the plug on this overful brain.



Carol, I have a bottle of the Bitter Yuck for spraying on furniture, etc. I don't need it, can u use it? Will bring in tomorrow.


Hey, i feel terrible and won't be able to make it up there to grab my check would be very thankful if one of u could drop it off. Thank you very much see you monday.


When you are de-junking the shop keep future yard sales in mind. Anything sellable I can put in my basement storeroom for now. A while before Christmas there was this cute treasure chest full of bits and bobs. Meant to ask you about it but I have a memory like a sieve these days.