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the day off guessing game...

Carol  ·  Jan. 13, 2012

i should have taken bets on if i would get the day off...this could be a re-occurring fundraiser for saints.

so did i or didn't i?...only the staff and tammy (oh and a couple of people who phoned me) know for sure and none of them will spill the beans and wreck my fun this evening!

(oh and if you are using ryan's comment below about not feeling well today...i will be fair here and tell you we knew in advance and covered his shift.)

so who wants to take a guess?..did i or didn't i?

hmmmmm...what can i tell you that won't shed a clue as to what i was or was not doing today?

not much except to say that all of the animals are ok today.



OMG.....I am busting a gut if we can find you one in black you are so New York Cocktail Party and will rock Jenn's


Okay. I just showed Leila the pictures and not the post and said carol picked one which one. And she said did she seriously pick one and I said no and she picked the One YOU PICKED and when I said why she said no bra!


i like this bra required!

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I started laughing about the cocktail story when I got home. I really laughed when I told Leila. So did she laugh louder when she heard Jenn's comment about getting you into a cocktail dress or Laura's explanation as to what a cocktail pant suit was.

I just wanted to show you though there is such a thing as a cocktail paint suit I googled and look at all the images - oh which one will you choose

Willie C

What do you think? I think there are cocktail pant suits. . . or


lol..i would NOT be in a good mood if i was "cocktail pant suit" shopping!

for those of you who don't know...jenn has chosen a new york style cocktail party theme for her wedding and she said the only thing she was really worried about was how she was going to get me into a cocktail dress.

i said there are cocktail pant suits..she said there wasn't so we asked laura for her opinion and laura SERIOUSLY and I SWEAR TO GOD said....

"is that like a pant suit that when you spill your cocktail on it, you can just brush it off again?"


hmmmmm lets see.....the good mood could just stem from you already being into the Baileys because a couple people phoned you and if you answered that usually means some kind of work so no day off.....but I am gonna guess you had the day off and got some Annabelle time and maybe also spent some time looking for a ''cocktail pantsuit''


I will say you ended up working, because you're also often in a pretty good mood when you're at work doing your "nursing thing". It doesn't really matter....just nice to "read" that you're in a playful mood - so must have had a good day, no matter what you ended up doing. Good for you!!


seeing as how you seem to be in a pretty good mood im gonna say you were off today, and spent part of your day doing something you want to do, like bring apples to dixie or something. or, you went to work and shoved that Eiffel tower thing you were telling me about up someones ass, which im sure would be even MORE fun