Rescue Journal

i am being good and voting every day in the petfinder challenge!

Carol  ·  Jan. 16, 2012

i am making myself remember.

janice will be off for a bit, she has a god damn kidney stone...BIG ouch! hope it passes soon (both for her and for us too!) it is not only messing us up here, but it is really messing her up at home because she has her own rescue...(see hearts on noses mini pig rescue)..and her animals all need daily care too and janice does not have staff to shift around. so if anyone is looking for a great place to volunteer...heartsonnoses could really use some extra help right now..both for manual labor to help care for the pigs and for some financial support too cuz obviously janice can't work to pay the bills right now!

mega ripples in the freaking rescue kidney stone pond.

dear god...
please make the weather forecast be wrong,,we don't want any more snow to screw up any more rescue days. and please make janice's kidney stone go away cuz there are a bunch of pot belly and farm pigs (and dumbo cows and love sick horses, and crippled sheep, and demented shop goats here and there) who really miss her expert care!



Good day to Saint' what's it doing over there ? its snowing here ' i picked up the rest of the food (dog_cat food from B and it won;t get to you till i am sure its not a big storm '' ok ''oh my gosh i just looked outside its really snowing her'' ( ok but Reese Pup is happy '' ) Soooo i hope you will all be ok i know the snow is not good but maybe we can make water out of it ''i know its not funny ''xo cheers Polly & Snowy Reese''