Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 18, 2012

the house water lines are freezing...we lost the bathroom sink and tub..the toilet is still filling thank god as is the kitchen sink.

i so want to have a hot bath and soak my sore knee, honestly, i just want to shoot myself....why does everything have to be so freaking difficult!

everyone is in horrid moods today from being confined inside...
flicka bit ernie
ziggy started bucking and kicking at ernie
phoebe bit marie
phoebe bit daisy
odie bit bear
jesse bit griffin

no one sustained any injury but it just shows you how stessed they get when their routines are screwed up by seriously freezing cold weather.

i am yelling at anyone now who even dares to make the slightest irritable sound..i am not really mad at them but i want them to think i am so they are far more worried about me then they are about each other. it works pretty good except for with phoebe..she is insanely violently crazy today and doesn't give a shit if she pisses me off...she literally tried to snarling stand her ground against me..good freaking luck with that phebes... (i haven't seen her this bad for years!) so i stuck her in the zen den twice..the first time i let her out..the second time i did not. she is still in there and will be for the rest of the i am doubling her psycho meds tonight.

too bad she doesn't freeze silently solid instead of the freaking bathroom water lines.


Marla in SD

We lived in a trailer home for several years and always had the kitchen and bathroom taps running slowly during cold spells. The few times we didn't and the pipes froze, it sucked to have to crawl through the cold skirting on the frozen ground with a torch to thaw everything. We're cold here in South Dakota today, but it's MUCH better than where you are! Keep warm and tell everyone to behave themselves!


Carol, my neighbour is coming down to plow out my driveway tomorrow morning while I escape and go grocery shopping. Once it is clear you are welcome to come down and have a deep hot bath. You have a key so anytime is fine with me.


i currently have a blowdryer shoved down the wall where the tub lines run (the cats made a hole i covered up a few years ago)..hope it works.


Need to leave the tap farthest from the point of entry into the house at least at a slow trickle all the time. This should help keep the live from freezing completely.


i am running the kitchen sink and frequently flushing the much fun to flush the freaking toilet 4 times an hour!


I grew up with an older home on well water, and we always left a tap running just a little bit so the lines wouldn't freeze. Maybe give it a try so you don't loose all the lines.