Rescue Journal

yay the pipes have unfrozen!

Carol  ·  Jan. 20, 2012

yay the rain is here...and it is sliding right off of the snow.
not so yay, now i am worried about flooding and it damn well better not freeze again with all of this free running water or saints will be one giant, humungous icicle and that will big time suck!

i did diddly squat today..just some quick errands, made the staff lunch and rested my knee so at least i should be recharged and ready for this weekend..snow? rain? ice?..most likely a distressing and difficult combo of all three.


Bunny Horne

Carol, if there's anything you need us to bring tomorrow please let us know so we can prepare accordingly. Likewise if there's a specific task that Brent needs to get to right away let us know so he can get started as soon as we are on site.
KO, MO - we will bring some fruits for the barn dudes.

laura H

hi Carol, cancel that last comment i'll try to make it down with my car. Laura H

laura H

Hi Carol, I e-mailed Jenn to let her know that Brianne and I can't make it down today . Ross needed the truck to do a job downtown early.