Rescue Journal

i want to say something about rescue...

Carol  ·  Jan. 21, 2012

it is not how big you smart you popular or well known you are (barbie is like the most popular, recognizable chick in the world and what the hell has she done to make the world better?) is not how long you have been at it or how many lives you have (or at times, (reality check here)...have not... )improved.

it is not even about how much you sacrifice or how hard you work or how much you learn or how much you do....

rescue is the simple things that really have absoutely nothing to do with you. it is watching a little blind, hairless husky bouncing around in the snow, playing with the other dogs...(if he can find them.) it is about watching smokey who a mere 3 or 4 weeks ago, i thought was an immediate dead dog..bounding gleefully up the hill. it is witnessing peluchi, gently cleaning mystic's is watching percy, head stretched out far while one of his servants give a him neck is seeing edith's utter joy in discovering the wonderful taste of saltine crackers.

these animals do not need us to fix them..they can easily fix themselves..they do not need us to find all of the answers for them..they aren't driving themselves crazy looking for a million answers to everything in their daily life.

we rescuers are not rocket scientists, or mother theresa's, or jesus christ on a cross..we are just people who have some time, some space and some intrinsic inclination to step up and give problematic, unhappy, discarded, unwanted, homeless animals a chance to live their lives.

our job is to provide the opportunities and then get out of their way while they run to embrace life and enjoy the simple and good things that all animals (if given a chance) will do.