Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 21, 2012

ooops caps was on....anyway..i don't think anyone thought today was overly fun...except the morons like buddy, june, mystic and odie. huge thx to the volunteers for slogging thru it all to get it all done!!! i am just getting ready to toss the barn guys into bed before it freezes out there and makes their footing too dangerous.

quick updates..
pest, cash, and long john silver all went out into adoptive homes today so big, huge hip,hip hurrays!!!!

chance is back for a bit from foster care...his folks had a broken water pipe that did major damage and chance is freaking out with all of the restoration/fix it folks tromping thru there.

anyway..that is pretty much the most important news and i better get my butt outside before it decides it likes sitting down all warm and dry too freaking much.



Just to let you all know Pest is adapting well to his new home. He has found a nice comfy place in my daughters closet and is starting to feel comfortable about moving around the house. He's still real unsure about my dog but he's starting to see she will not hurt him and is watching her closely. He has had lots of attention and a few visitors over the weekend. I would post a picture if I knew how!

We will keep you posted.


Alison, the school was nicely plowed out as they were having something there today. I should have parked there as I got stuck too, but managed to shovel enough. Sunday crew should park there to avoid getting stuck.

Carol - I left some ginger cookies in the frig for you.

Lori Paul

I am over the moon about Pest's adoption! Maybe now he'll forgive me for catnapping him :) Please keep us posted as to how he adapts to his new home...we're having a toast right now... To Saints and to Pest and to you Carol! We here at spiderlodge love a (potential) happy ending :) Yay!


Great news about Pest, Cash and Long John. Maybe that's why Pest didn't want to come out of his cage, he knew he wouldn't be there long.


NOTE TO ALL VOLUNTEERS: Do NOT park in the shop/barn driveway. I was stuck in there until a really nice lady stopped to help KO and I get my car unstuck and she waived down her neighbor who pulled me out with a tow rope. Yay for the kindness of strangers !!