Rescue Journal

wanted: ten men with shovels or one guy with a bobcat!

Carol  ·  Jan. 21, 2012

next life i am learning to drive heavy equipment and making enough money to buy one too!

sorry you got stuck allison...soon it will get better, i hope! answer your question...we are pretty good for edith's treats. she is now into triskit crackers and mr christie peanut butter pirate cookies.

for brent we mostly need help with damage control...clearing out gate accesses, wheelbarrow paths etc.

it will be a horrible clean up when we can finally get rid of the snow..mud, buried sloppy manure and mushed up is going to be totally big time gross.

sigh... winter pretty much sucks.


francesca Wilson

Carol, Don could come out and help next weekend. Is this an organized work party.... or would it be done this week (he works).... more details?
Take care


Could you get a plow blade for your tractor? I had a little john deere lawn tractor in Cranbrook and I had a blade and snowblower for it. Once you put chains on it, it goes pretty well everywhere.