Rescue Journal

i was kind of bored last night

Carol  ·  Jan. 22, 2012


i made a new book (it is just a little one...thx jenn for the great photo's!)



never mind, i enlarged it so i could read it and found out how to order. was wondering, nicole how nigel is doing. could you please post a comment thanks


caylee, i did notice and put it back on cold before i left. it is a great little book. where do you order it i was trying to read the writing but was too small for my crappy eyes.

Marla in SD

Carol, in your next life, along with learning how to run large equipment, I think you'd better consider writing/creating books - this is AMAZING!

Bunny Horne

I just purchased the book. Two hard covers, Brent and I and I bought a soft cover so I can carry it in my purse and pull it out at every opportunity that I have to talk about SAINTS.
Excellent Job. Great Photos. Bitter Sweet.

Maggie, we got the lettering to put 1000SAINTS.CA on the rear window of my SUV. When the weather improves Brent will mount them on my vehicle.

Bunny Horne

Carol, it's black and white?
I LOVE IT. We will be buying two copies.


Actually the song I'm referring to is "When the Saints GO Marching in", not "come marching in", but now that song has been in my head all day!!


I forgot to change the washer back to cold water - not sure if anyone noticed. We wanted to run it hot for one load, but I forgot to change it back. Sorry.


I just ordered it!! I love the title - I wonder how many "younger" volunteers even heard of the song?? I'm sorry I'm not there today - freezing rain yesterday have the roads a glare here on top of all the snow. My van looks like an icicle!!