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bowling for dogs.

Carol  ·  Jan. 23, 2012

we are so far behind on the grooming it isn't funny so laura is taking one or two a week to get was little bambi and peluchi...they look (and feel!) so much better...first we will work thru the shitz's and then start on the poodles. it would be nice if we had good volunteer groomer..but i don't even mind paying if we can just get them in on a regular basis somewhere. i am thinking we should put out a call out for volunteer grooming drivers and then maybe when we catch up, we won't get so far behind again.

it is so good to have janice back again. you cannot buy her kind of dedication to the animals..her years of experience and knowledge. when dionne left, i thought we were screwed..cuz how can you lose someone like that whose whole day was about the joy in being with the barn animals and then find someone else to take her place...luckily for the animals, we did.

here is the thing about working here..if you are here for the right reasons, if you are here because you want to make life as good for the animals as you possibly can...then you do. there are no half assed measures, there is no drama, no resentment because the animals are so much just buckle down and get things done well to make sure the animals in your care are happy and comfortable. that is the real job description in working in a animal shelter..the animals ALWAYS come first.

my first chuckle in coming home tonight, involved th little mongolian monster.

for those of you who do not know chance..he is a 15 pound parapalegic peke foster whose tongue and eyes stick out a tiny bit and is full of attila the hun attitude. chance has NO fear of anything or anyone and when i get home, he drags his useless back end as fast as he can to the kitchen door with everyone else.

there are a lot of over 100 pounder dogs here right now and not all of them are all that stable on their feet. so i worry about chance and trampling in the big rush to say hello to me. i grabbed the little bugger and tossed him safely and out of the way into the rubbermaid dog bed and started letting the other dogs out. immediately i hear banging and see dogs falling over in a wave...

i look thru the mass of bodies..and there is chance with his back legs caught on the lip on the bed, in high speed...dragging the rubber maid bed behind him, bowling dogs literally off their feet...i was home, and he was going to get to me!

too funny! i love this dog.




I'm not a pro but I get the job done.. I'd be happy to take whoever however many home with me a few at a time over the next couple days? I'm on my phone Internet at the Toronto airport heading home right now so hopefully this goes through. I can start tomorrow after im done there.. have some shitz over for a grooming sleepover pizza party :)

Bunny Horne

I see it now.... SAINTS RESCUE Spa - get a hair trim and a sauna treatment like Miss Ellie Mae did on Sunday in the steaming hot pooh pile. When are you booking appointments?


I am still having a tough time and am going to miss another day. Hope you guys can cover for me.


Carol your stories are awesome! this one gave me a good smile before I start my work day!!


WOW what a cutie chance is ' & he looks just like my grandma's dog one eyed Rocky who used to hide under her kitchen table when we went to visit and look for food falling' but i sat at the table all day & night so i could just touch him but my grama did not want us to, so i used to pretend i fell and touched him any ways i wanted to steal him i should of known i was sup to live with dogs by then lol hugz to all who work so hard!! for the critters'' oxox PollyB


I was given a ziploc bag of grooming supplies.One happend to be a battery shaver for pets. If I get a chance to drop them off,I will. Or could someone come pick them up? I'm in Mission


Hey Terry, that would be awesome if we can do some extra grooming days to get caught up. I will contact the clinic and leave you my # so we can arrange our schedules...thanks again for doing such a great job on our crew!

Terry Moffitt

Hi it's Terry the groomer I would be happy to come in extra days to get some of these little guys groomed. You can contact me by email or leave a message at the clinic.


not yet maggie...but i am halfway thru the back seat! i will figure out the drug cost this week.

lol hillevi..chance loves laura wayyyyy more than me! (but he does quite like me..)


Put me down as a volunteer grooming driver.
Carol, did you find the envelope and....please give me a call about the drug store totals.