Rescue Journal

dream a little dream for me....

Carol  ·  Jan. 27, 2012

too bad i don't live in the olden days...A..there weren't that many animals around needing rescue (cuz pioneers were too busy pioneering to have pets...) B..i could rob a train or a stagecoach for money to care for the animals i did rescue and hide in a canyon from the posse...until they caught and hung me which today sounds not so bad.

this whole world of mine just doesn't need to be so complicated...see an animal in need and help it if able. clean up pee and poop, wash and fold laundry, dump fresh food and water into bowls...give them their meds...give them a cuddle..wash more laundry, mop more floors and cuddle some more.

if only....

sometimes i fear i am heading for burnout..both in nursing and rescue too. the simplicity of the things i am good at keep getting lost in our complicated world.

i want to win the big lotto tonight..but not so i can be rich. i want to win the lotto so i can just do the simple things well without all of the bullshit.,,(which means i have enough money to pay someone else big bucks to deal with it!)

failing the big lotto win...i will settle for a really fast horse, an outlaw bandana, holster and gun....and the secret hideaway canyon where i can run.


Barbara DeMott

I used to feel that way about teaching too. I enjoyed the teaching part, but never did get the politics: besides that part really sucked.