Rescue Journal

the best laid plans of anyone.....

Carol  ·  Jan. 28, 2012

it was a bit of a nasty trip out to chilliwack..the highways were fine but the country roads were thick with slippery slush and snow.

i was pretty worried when i saw Kobe (not colby..i got his name wrong)..he was a bit stressed and got worse once in the the time we were moving... panic had started. oh yay a little dog with too much upside down going on in his life right now, this was not going to be fun. he cried, he bit the wire gate, he licked the walls of his crate, he panted so hard and so fast, i was sure he was going to hyperventilate....and he did somersaults.

now my mind is am i going to manage the little panicked freak out until his meltdown passes? laundry room? kitchen? computer room?..bed buddy?..maybe one of the medical room pens????
where would be best for kobe to recapture his mind and feel safe?

i settled on the laundry room as first choice cuz i can be close to him. i take him in and let him out of the crate and open the gate to leave the room..and poof..kobe is thru the gate and loose. he trots right thru the house past all of the dogs trying to sniff his butt..and heads for the couch. up he goes and rubs and slides the length up and down, rolling around.

ok..mind is recaptured, meltdown is over, kobe is home...cute dog...likes the couch.

he looks a little bit like tyke did or just a bit smaller version of peluchi..anyway i am glad that was easy cuz putting the barn guys to bed wasn't. Ko had done up all the foods so that part was easy (THX KO!!!!) was the guilt i carried that was hard.

percy, joy and emily are totally pissed at the local hay they were given. they are STILL standing by the gate waiting for the REAL hay to appear. i told them most cows get shitty round bales..why are they complaining about nice second cut local? they said they are not those kind of cows..they are the kind of cows who get the expensive orchard grass like everyone else gets. i was thinking of getting them some of the primo stuff but decided they could damn eat that hay cuz it is good too.
quite frankly all three of them are fat so if they don't eat their hay tonight nothing is lost except maybe an ounce or two.

but man, what a way to wreck a nice and peaceful barn bedtime...stiffing the cows with second class food and they know it was me who walked away from them without caving in to them too!!!

(this week janice told me she thinks we should switch the cows to local, i thought it was a good idea but..hah! good luck with that..those cows are going to win and get the good stuff..tonight i think there is nothing sadder than dinner disappointed cows!)

bear is out on a sleep over with erin..he comes back tomorrow night so we will see how he does.



I want to thank Janice for having the morning feed done up for Ali and myself for Sat morning. At first we scrambled to look for all the dishes to do the feed. We did see the note on the freezer, but both of us could only see "Feed Dave" which was really confusing, as we were who is Dave?! Once we started to get the feed done we were pleasantly surprised to find all the feed bowls in the bins already to go. Thanks again Janice.And thank you to Ali to for Sat afternoon for getting the feed bowls ready for night time feeding.


Sorry, must add the new food combined with their old food.. Did not add the new as being the ONLY food offered...

(Mind you they do not love their old food either..)


Seeing similar picky feeding behaviour with my two.

Having lost my guy 2 weeks ago (at 12 due to oral cancer which I may add and warn starts and infests so unbelieveably fast). I had him in to the vet's not one month ago for an unrelated ailment (limping)and was there when vet checked and approved of his teeth and gums.

I decided to vist a local pet store and get what is best for my doxie and doxiexChi as far as food goes. Surprised they sell a Doxie brand food with nutrients to strengthen spine health.

Has been 3 days and seeing them only eat and little when they are convined they will get nothing else.. My gut reaction is to let them suck it up and eat the expensive food. And then the other part of me that wonders should I go out and get canned food to slather on it making meal times more enjoyable??

Janice Gillett

A few winters ago my horses went off there hay- yea okay so one won't eat it so ether will the other one. A snowy night and worried i called my neighbor to borrow two bales of her hay. In two feet of snow and blizzard like conditions after work i am dragging two bales home. Thank goodness they ate!!! I emailed my neighbor later to ask her where she got her hay. The same guy, and upon inspection the next day it was the same hay... ARGGGGGGGGH


Silly cows! I had a horse like that.I one time thought a different type of hay would be good for him...NOPE! Would not touch it. To him, only the finest green hay would do.