Rescue Journal

this pisses me off...

Carol  ·  Jan. 29, 2012

i don't give a shit if folks import dogs from the high kill US shelters..i have done it myself on occasion. i sometmes feel a need to help a helpless dog from down there so once in a while i do help a few.

BUT...Anyone who brings in a shit load of deathrow dogs one day and is unloading them at an adoption event the next day is unethical and quite frankly incredibly rescue stupid.

dogs are not innocent peices of meat to be flogged carelessly away with good intentions...that is how they ended up on deathrow in the first place.

they are living, breathing, feeling souls. they deserve the respect and the effort to do the job of re-homing them well.

so i am telling you right up not get sucked into the sad stories, the pictures of horror..the utter heartbreak of what some of these animals have had to live thru. ask one simple question of any rescue that has them..when did they arrive from the states, and then do the many days later is their adoption?
cuz if they are doing the mexican jumping bean run..on a plane, off a plane, into brand new home..those dogs are getting flipped from the frying pan into the fire and flipping dogs is not even close to is just fucking them up even more.

there are 4 basic steps to rescue.
1. rescue the animal
2. identifiy and meet the emotional, physical and mental needs of the animal.
3.find an adoptive home that will continue to meet the physical, emotional and mental needs of the animal.
4.take the animal back immediately with no excuses if you get it wrong.

and good luck following thru with steps 1-4 if you are unloading a plane on friday with several dozen dogs and rehoming them at an adoption event on just seriously screwed up a bunch of really helpless and deserved far better,...dogs.

i truly hate stupid people in rescue...i hate them more than the abusers and neglecters..because they bullshit themselves and everyone else and pretend they are doing good.

don't ever lie to the animals....may god send you to hell forever if you do.


Janice Gillett

Anyone who is pulling dogs from anywhere and is not following basic adoption protocol then one is simply brokering dogs. Sadly there is good money in it with the "adoption"( grrrrrrrr) fees and where the dogs are being pulled from they don't care about them either or they would of followed the same protocols before releasing them to these brokers. I followed quite a few so called rescuers a few months back on facebook, one has 750 happy tails listed on petfinder a little over half way threw the year. Who/what "rescuer" can do three home checks a day?? 750 dogs at a adoption fee of 450.00 plus , its a lucrative business...


Carol will you be there in the a.m. at about 8:15 when I come to get the Shitz gang if so you can give me that chq. if not can you put it in the office thumb tacked to the bulletin board.

Grant Hayter-Menzies

Carol, I couldn't agree with you more! There is so much more to the process - missing even one of the basic steps you listed is terrible for the animal, whose welfare emotional and physical must come first. And it is absolutely true that lying to an animal damns the soul. Unfortunately, hell is already overflowing.