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here is holly

Carol  ·  Jan. 30, 2012


pretty dog!

bear is home...erin said he did great. i could tell he wanted to go home with her when she left so it looks like bear has chosen his foster home. erin will take him again next weekend and as soon as she thinks he is ready to stay when she is at work...he can...yay erin and bear!
i do want everyone to know tho that bear may need to eventually come back and erin and i have already talked about this. if his mast cell tumours return and become non surgical and we switch to high doses of prednisone to slow them down..he may suffer personality changes and may need to be here vs a family home depending on what extent the changes occur.

i just want everyone to be prepared just in case cuz some dogs (not all..but some) flip out with high doses of steriods and become very difficult to manage around other animals and kids.

odie's eye looks better today so that is good..but he still needs the eye meds which he says sucks. the problem with blind dogs who get into scraps is...unlike seeing dogs..they can't see the other dog heading for their they don't blink. they have lost that whole instinctive protecting one's eye reflex..and that puts their eyes at real risk. i think maybe i should just make the little reactive bastard wear goggles...that would keep his eyes safe if he is going to be a little dick.

well..i guess i better get dressed before the staff gets here.



My book arrived today too! The black and white photos are amazing - and really hit with the whole theme of the book - stark reality! Thanks Carol, still wiping my eyes.

Bunny Horne

Got my books today - The SAINTS Come Marching In - super fast delivery.
:<) because it is beautiful
:<( that it even has to be written

Jenn, my super duper supervisor wanted to know who is the photographer. "Jenn". He said you should enter your work into photo contests. (how many times have I told you that?)


That's wonderful to hear!! I hope the tumours stay away for Bear. He is a lucky guy to be with Erin and family.

Carol Ann

YAY Erin, Bear is a very sweet dog. Hope it all works out for both of you. :)