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strip mined dogs

Carol  ·  Jan. 30, 2012

holly is here and in looking at her, i am sort of pissed off.

hard to tell who she is or where she is in her head right now cuz she is currently stoned on torb.

but the impression i get is, she is a strip mined dog.

you are probably wondering, what the heck is that??
well..think of a strip mine.. bare and barren piles of used up and worthless dirt..every single thing of value has been systematically stripped out of it. what is left holds nothing at all, it can't even grow anything any more. and so it sits..still part of the earth but empty of anything even resembling earth.

nicole said she mentally checked out sometime this more upside down dog lost once again in the black hole of not belonging.

apparently she was adopted not even a year ago but as continued aging brought more changes...her new family couldn't cope with her. this final illness was her final last straw..they could not afford to treat and again she was lost.

so my question her 14 years of many homes has this dog lost and found and lost again before tonight? how many times did holly believe that she finally had found her forever family? how many times did holly hand over her heart only to have it handed back again when her people were done?
i get so tired of seeing strip mined dogs..sucked dry of any faith or hope til they themselves believe they hold no more value then any other used up dirt.

how many times must one heart be broken? how many times must one world be turned upide down?
how many times must an old and sweet dog find herself in a shelter?

i am so sorry for her.



shit is all i can say, although there a lot of words that come to mind when i think of all the human assholes there are out there. welcome holly cant wait to meet you.


Thanks Bunny. It's been taken care of.
Slowly getting better, damn thing likes to hang on.

Bunny Horne

OFF TOPIC - TAMMY - #1 - hope you are feeling better, girl. #2, are you still looking for a security system? Looks like there might be some markdowns on the small system you asked me about a couple of months back.

Bunny Horne

Maggie, I hear you. I adopted Sassy at about 1 year of age. I've had her for 5 years now. She has a very definited comfort zone. If anyone or anything comes into her environment that she isn't comfortable with she completely has a melt down. She sticks to Brent and I like glue. She's been completey out of her mind this past 8 days having to wear a cone till her booboo heals. My boss at job #2 gave me some hemp oil to try on her. I just smooth it on her coat and she is almost instantly calm and all lovey dovey and isn't hurting herself trying to rip the cone off.


I adopted my Friskie when she was only 28 months old...this was her 5th home. Even now, at 13, I cannot leave here anywhere other than home because those very scary years of constantly being thrown away are still deeply there.


But how and why does anyone adopt a 13 year old dog and not know that it's going to only get older (and so take it back a year later)! You adopt an old dog because you want to give it the best for its last years, because you know what that means... I love old dogs; the aging of bodies may not always be dignfied, but knowing you can make a good life for that dog so that the spirit stays young...that is so important - to us and to them!

Bunny Horne

Welcome "HOME" HOLLY. For whatever time is remaining in your life your days will be filled with friends (4 legged and human alike), tenderness, compassion, good food, lots of play (if Mystic has anything to say about it), love and respect. If you must be in a shelter then SAINTS is the place to be.


I am very sad for her too and just sayin '' she is where she is sup to be '' it seems'' hugs Polly & i had to wait to bring the food ' will do it soon'' sorry ''


I feel the same way about two senior cats I took in. If I think about it too much it makes me cry.