Rescue Journal

the unicorn

Carol  ·  Feb. 3, 2012

next interviewee is in 45 point starting my car de-junking til i am done with that.

so..i guess i will dick around and do nothing for a bit.

i have been reading the rescue facebook forums and it is interesting the questions that come up...who does or does not do this...should you or should you not do do you do this or that...why and how do you do certain things?

i am so single minded and stubborn that it honestly never occurred to me in the beginning to ask anyone for their opinion..i just started walking down the rescue road without much of a plan and without any maps.

hah, and look where it led stupid was that????

now i find i waste a lot of time worrying about our future...should i do this or that? will we go here or there?
and what is the overall plan?

hah again..i still don't have a freaking clue!

there is no doubt that rescue is a journey and some smart folks plan out every step of their route..but it is also a bit of an adventure and sometimes the magic appears out of no where. poof.... suddenly the elusive unicorn in rescue is just standing in front of you as you come around another bend.

i would never suggest someone rescue like i do..our magic carpet frequently runs out of i am now living with a ton of pain in the asses in chaos city instead of the peaceful forest with a magical unicorn occasionally popping thru.