Rescue Journal

just the quickies...

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2012

everyone is totally in love with oden...what a SWEET dog!

bear went out with erin to permanent foster care today...YAY!!!

big bambi is going out with lynne to permanent foster care tomorrow...YAY!

and little daisy went off to her new adoptive home today...YAY!

and that is pretty much all of the really great news today!



actually bambi slept right through the night and did not wake up once. she has been going to the bathroom good and i have been giving her lots of treats. she has quite taken to my husband, he seems to have this effect on the women. lol


lynne, last weekend was a bit confusing for bear, wasnt sure where he wanted to sleep, this weekend he fit like a glove, has his nap bed, and his bedtime bed all picked out, no pacing at all, small steps but progress! it takes time right, bambis a good girl, she ll be ok. right now bear is sleeping half on/half off his dog bed and he doesnt even care :)


feed her some peanut butter or oreo cookies lynne...good treats make a happy place when it's new.

Ann C

Thanks for the update Lynne, sounds like Bambi had a great time this afternoon.


yes i did have the mazda, parked by the train tracks on dominion street maybe we can get together another time. how is bear doing. bambi is getting a bit antsy now she really does not know where carol is and i am sure is missing her. hopefully she will sleep through the night. she likes me but it has got to be rough for any animal to be uprooted and moved around.


lynne did you have the mazda at the dyke? we were there too, looked for you, damn!


Bambi must have LOVED that long walk - tired out, with a full belly, and YOU with her! What more could she ask for? Thanks for letting us know -I was waiting to hear. Hope she continues to settle in nicely.
P.S. I did take Shane for a walk Lynne, as I know you felt badly that you didn't have time - and Bambi was usually his walking partner!! I'm sure he'll be looking for her later today.


just took bambi out with her new brothers for an hour long walk on the dyke. she had a blast, is doing good, is a little bit curious about everything ;and overwhelmed. she is now settling down nicely the other dogs have accepted her and all are getting along fine..i have given her some treats, i think the way to her heart is through her mouth. will keep you posted. thank god my husband is fine with her i pretty much get my way with him lol


lynne thats great! and daisy too, woohooo! and bear, who is only the best dog ever, lucky me! (and he looks awesome in blue, thanks laura!)


And I'm totally IN LOVE with Oden.... Can't seem to stop talking about him, or thinking about him......


What wonderful news!! I'm so happy for Bear, Big Bambi, and Daisy. (Lynne, glad you caved in and finally took Bambi - I know she's your favorite) I'll see you tomorrow!