Rescue Journal

in-fighting in rescue.

Carol  ·  Feb. 5, 2012

it seems everywhere i look lately in rescue, people are fighting....must be a full moon.

i just had my name removed from a local rescue page cuz of the constant bickering...i don't let the dogs do it here.... A. it is not healthy and B. it drives me insane... and i don't want to be around people who do it incessantly either for exactly the very same reasons and so i requested to be removed from the list.

there are a few very simple rules for getting along with others...both for animals and for humans.

1. don't expect anyone else to actually read your mind cuz trust me they can't do it. just like it is perfectly ok for a human to say..."excuse me, i am trying to get past you and there is not quite enough room"...a dog can also say to another dog (however dogs actually communicate)...'you are blocking my way so please move." doesn't have to start a freaking war with someone getting their throat ripped can be a simple unemotional statement that gets someone what they need.

2. don't assume someone else thinks just like you...."well she should know!!!" like a dog who doesn't mind sharing his bed assuming every other dog in the world knows and agrees about sharing beds..well...some dogs just don't. the best way to let another dog or human know actually to tell them.

3. things just naturally go smoother and get done easier in a cooperative and stress free environment..and not only that but both people and animals can learn new things more easily in a positive and friendly atmosphere.

4. practice a little bit of patience.
5. try to be a little bit understanding.
6. keep mole hills little and don't blow them up into mountains.
7. instead of getting mad at someone see if you can help them.
and finally...8...just be nice..nice feels good to everyone.

bad moods are contagious like colds..i know cuz i feel myself catching one. but they are also dangerous...i have seen with these very weary eyes..several pack ups..both human and canine. this is when the prevailing negativity explodes and turns on the weakest pack member. i have witnessed this when the dogs pack up on a weak one..and i have seen human packs on some of the forums do exactly the same...only with words instead of teeth.

it is violent and it is ugly and someone always gets hurt and no one learns anything except that this world is just plain freaking mean.

it's such a shame.