Rescue Journal

life is sucking for janice right now

Carol  ·  Feb. 5, 2012

she is currently in hospital booked for surgery tomorrow....she is going to be out of commission for at least 6-8 weeks i would think. janice has some great volunteers but not near enough to care for her 40 plus pigs daily for the next couple of months without totally burning them out.
so are any of the saints volunteers able to spare a couple of hours per week to spell them out? i can set you up with roxanne or theresa to learn the basic ropes and janice will be home in a week and will be there immobile but able to verbally teach and direct you too. i think the biggest issue is going to be mon-fri as all of her volunteers work fulltime during the week.

anyway..i will try to see her in the hospital tomorrow and see what she actually critically needs.

may went home today to a lovely senior home..i think she is going to be very happy and i know she is going to be wonderfully cared for..yay may..lucky girl!



I would be able to go out after work a couple times a week. Would not get there till 5:30, but if she has outside lights, I could put in a couple hours, a couple times a week.


i can also try to help. my daughter does not work on thurs or fridays so that may be a plan. let me know. her shift also vary on mon tues and wed from afternoon to before or after might work out.


thx maggie and lisa...bunny/brent..i am not sure yet where we are as far as our barn needs goes..ryan has agreed to shift up to fulltime hours and extend his notice another all depends on the potential new barn folks wants and needs...we are starting the trial shifts today so maybe we will have hired at least one person by friday...not sure yet.

Bunny Horne

Carol, I have a vacation day on Friday and Brent is currently on a work share program as times are temporarily tough in his industry.
If you are tight for barn staff on Friday Brent and I could come out and do the basics. We don't know the food/med component, but we know everything else. We could be there for a 9 am, we do have to be leave by noon as we did have plans for the day.
We won't be on site this coming Sunday.
Let us know so we can arrange our schedules accordingly.


I sent you an email about Janice....
Can I cross post the plea for help?


Wow, I'm so happy for May, what a gorgeous little girl. And I'm really lucky to have spent some extra time cuddling her yesterday..... I'll miss you May, but I know you will be so loved in your new home.