Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 6, 2012

todays poofed and puffed and well groomed saints are..marie, tina, jerry and hilda...thx terry and laura they all look and feel great!!!!!!!!

i saw janice this morning before her surgery, she was hooked up to morphine IV and doing ok. i am going over to heartsonnoses thursday/friday around 4 pm to meet roxanne and learn how to do waters and feed 40 freaking pigs so that would be a good time for anyone else wanting to help out to learn how too. i told janice i would do up a schedule so no one gets stuck 7 days a week for the next couple of months and burns out. hopefully there will be enough of us to cover the feeding once a week each. roxanne says it takes a couple of hours and i am ok with that, i know if i was screwed to the wall by illness or injury, people would help our animals too....been there, done that..(i am still really grateful!)

ryan is able to stay on til janice gets back so that means we can stay with our original plan and just hire one person and not two.... that is good!

ok my get un-tired plan tonight is......settle the mp building..have a really hot bath, do up the diabetics and other meds guys and get the heck to bed!



Will it do any good for me to come out at 5:30 on Friday .. I can get shown the ropes & committ to a couple evenings . Lisa I live in Maple Ridge & come home on the West Coast, so I get home approx 5 o' # is 604 466703zero.


Friday would be good for me to learn the ropes at Heartsonnoses. Could you pick me up on the way Carol?