Rescue Journal

blah, blah

Carol  ·  Feb. 6, 2012

sigh...i am like 3 or 4 solid weeks into..i am freaking tired. it is not from working too hard this time..i think it is chronic mental and emotional stress and physical long term acheness...i am tired of chaos and i am tired of feeling like i was run over by a i am starting to seriously lose my hearing and that is freaking me out....aging related hearing loss runs in my family plus living in a noisy dog shelter sure as shit doesn't help.

oh well..maybe one day i won't be able to hear the noisy chaos surrounding me.

honestly..oden is a freak. if that dog could find a way to climb inside a human..he would happily park himself inside one forever....he must have been a kangaroo in a previous life cuz that dog wants to live inside a warm and safe body...belonging to someone else.

one day you are just going to find me unconscious in the computer room..he is going to push me backwards over in my computer chair while he tries to climb on me and my head is going to splat on the floor....i keep telling are fine oden..relax (fer chrissakes.)

i did not let june come to bed with me last night..i just was too tired and could not face another free for all, hour long, june/mystic playtime eathquake. sorry babes.
just three more shifts to get thru....oh and then what? oh yeah..a couple of days off of stress and more work here and back to work again by the weekend.

rescue might just seriously suck big time right now...thank god our dog and cat numbers are starting to slip down.



maybe oden is just so desperate for someone to not let him go again, maybe he has been left too many damn times. once is too many, how many times does it take til you break?

Chris T

In all seriousness Carol you need a break. It is not humanly possible to work full-time and have another full-time job. You never get a break. Maybe it is time you seriously planned one...

Perhaps the next fundraiser should be to send you on vacation somewhere.


I was just saying to Jenn on the weekend that I can't imagine doing what you do with all the animals in your house. I only have one old dog who wanders at night, scrambles to get to her feet and stumbles around in the dark which tends to keep me awake. I feel for you and have no idea how you get ANY sleep!!


try valerian root... the herbal equivalent for xanax. We take it here all the time since it kind of takes the "edge" off without rendering you comatose.

Chris T

You need to go on a cruise for some forced relaxation. But then you may never want to go home!