Rescue Journal

thinking out loud.

Carol  ·  Feb. 9, 2012

i look at a dog like oden, and i wonder...what did you not ever have in your life that you need so badly?

he is like a ghost dog..i will go looking for him and i can't find him..i wander back and forth between the kitchen and computer room and i don't see him. and then i think this is ridiculous..of course he is here and suddenly i will see him curled up on a bed somewhere, tucked almost but not quite out of view.

and other times, suddenly he is silently at my feet, gazing at me in longing, i reach down to touch him and the next thing i know he is up on my lap, trying to sink deep inside me. and i think about him and i wonder..what is it that you need so badly? have you loved and lost? or have you never felt loved? what makes you so full of longing inside that you have to so desperately share it with me?

what have you come from oden? where have you been?

i see the desperation..but where is the joy?..why does your amazing capacity to love... hurt you?




ohh my gosh he is soooooooo Handsome !! he has almost the same name as my old Ottis who is now gone' and miss a a great bunch' wow can't wait to know more about all of them & Oden .i could hug & hug him forever'' oxPolly


Carol, Oden is beautiful! I am very glad that you have taken him in, I believe he will flourish with you. He's in a solid place now and hopefully he'll begin to be who he really is.


Aww, so sweet Carol. You brought tears to my eyes. I look forward to meeting Oden on Saturday .

Lori Paul

Tosha, our 50 lb. husky/ bdr collie cross came to us thru a lady who got her at the spca so we're uncertain as to her origins but Tosha seems to think she is a lap dog! When we go to bed at night, she crawls up between us (stepping carefully over Bill the cat) and cuddles into her 'pack' then heaves a big sigh as she falls asleep. She winds up in her own bed (a few feet away) by morning but our joy in having her safe and sound between us as we watch a movie never grows old :) Happiness is a warm puppy!