Rescue Journal

we're walkin on sunshine...woo hoo...and don't it feel good!

Carol  ·  Feb. 9, 2012


jenn posted new photos on facebook!

i like this me...

why do all pigs not get to have this one simple thing in their life?

why do pigs, instead, get to live every single moment of their this?


cuz humans want cheap meat.




Sometimes when we drive by dairy barns...I tell my 3 yr old niece that those cows are sad.They're sad because they can't be outside playing and eating.


Carol I'm going to take tomorrow off as well, meg still needs my help. Let me know if that's ok. Thanks :)

Bunny Horne

And why I am more and more becoming a vegetarian.
When you see Jenn's photos of Brad with the zoomies romping around the riding ring with a huge smile on his face and experiencing true joy you feel saddened that other creatures can't have the same joy. Why do we think that the animals that comprise our food source have NO feelings??? When you watch Floyd or Tim swimming happily in their freshly filled pool (thank you KO) should not all our feathered friends feel that glee?