Rescue Journal

not feeling much better today...

Carol  ·  Feb. 10, 2012

still feeling sorry for myself..i am tired of my life getting harder as people make decisions to make their life as easy as they can.
i am also feeling sorry for nicole who is hearing some pretty sad stories right now and having to say no...we are too full.
i have saved one spot only that was supposed to be for heart (the starved dog who didn't make it...)...and that spot has to be for a dog like her who's life was particularly hard. altho, the more i hang out with oden..the more i think that he actually is the one whose difficut life was pretty close to hers. whatever..i am sure there are more coming just like them..there always is.

hopefully some of the pretty good old ones will eventually find their own homes...nicky, little bambi, trudy, kobe, bruiser, marie, papa john, jelly, ed, holly and tina might move on one day and we will all have a bit more wiggle room. i don't expect the really hard ones to ever find their own with someone like shane is difficult....sweet dog but a chronic pissaholic none the same. and manny is a GREAT dog but totally wrecked in every way...too hard to manage in your average old dog loving home.

oh well..i won't get my hopes up...twelve great senior dog homes are hard to come by....still it would be nice.



Carol, I was unaware (again) that he was terminal. I did tell them he has been sick as of late. They fit what they are looking for size wise and want older dogs and don't have a problem with two dogs.

I have left you a voice mail, give me a call when you can and let me know his details and I will get back to them with a update.


i have not made any decisions regarding oden and his adoptive home needs at this time..until i figure him out i can't pick the right home for him. so for now he is unavailable for adoption...this dog is a bit more complicated then he appears to be.

also nicole..when you have a minute can you please move max to the memory page? thx.

do the people interested in smokey and ewok know that smokey is terminally ill?....this took me by surprise as i wasn't expecting this...


Hi Dawn. I have already talked to Carol and if it is ok with her i will be taking Odin if and when he is ready. I sure hope I can have him.


Oh dear, I missed that completely. She is still on the website, I will contact the potential adopter.

Thanks for the heads up Curt.


Adoption inquiries are picking up! I'm working hard for our guys.

Smokey and Ewok have some great people coming out to meet both of them next weekend and Maxine will have a visitor this weekend. Plus I'm working on an idea for Odin.....I need everyone to keep their fingers crossed for him.


Oh dear this certainly sounds like a burn out situation for you. Maybe its time to step back a bit if that is possible. The usual things need to be taken care of - proper sleep and proper eating. The sunshine vitamin - vitamin D is another thing.