Rescue Journal

when you can't decide what to have for dinner....

Carol  ·  Feb. 11, 2012

and you are too freaking lazy to actually make anything...

you could be like tammy..and have a potato chip sandwich..cuz that sounds so (NOT) good.

you could have a root beer float with neopolitan ice cream..(like me)...mmmmm!
(hey! i have most of my food groups...fruit from the strawberry section..dairy from the rest of the ice cream... and the vegetable comes from the root part of root beer..i am just not quite sure what actual kind of root it is..(but i am sure most roots are pretty healthy so whatever root it is, is fine with me!)

too funny when i came home..a bunch of the volunteers were over in the school yard with a bunch of the dogs..."hey the boss is home" and the dogs dragged the volunteers over to the fence to say hello! it was a warm and fuzzy moment....happy people, happy dogs..i need more moments like those!

anywho..the barn and the mp building are all settled to bed..i saw another area where that little big bastard brad pitt pig is wrecking his fence. gilbert was up on his feet tonight so the barn folks can quit worrying and the dogs are already flaked out and sleeping so they must have had a REALLY fun day.
thanks so much to everyone for making a great saints day!!!!!



I did the best I could getting some of the stuff on Gilbert's front feet..he is not exactly accommodating though...and his horns are sharp !


Potato chip sandwiches are good. However if you aren't in the mood for that, cottage cheese and a coke are just as satisfying.


It was a nice day today.
Loved meeting Oden, he is a cuddly sweetie pie.