Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 16, 2012

holly was working herself up into a fine panic at the vets..she had her exam and bloodwork and she settled again once she was home. not sure if she has dementia or is just anxious but taking her out certainly messes her head up more.

i was feeling like i was going to puke this morning so i took a gravol, grabbed oden and headed to the suite for a nap. i soon felt better and oden quite likes hanging out in the suite.

legend has some food guarding issues..he jumped smokey early this afternoon so i have moved both he and nova thru the gate into the sunroom. legend is less likely to try to push jesse or al around and if he does they will probably back off...those guys are not dumb. most of the guys in my bedroom are too stupid to give way so it is safer for everyone if legend is away from their food bowls. of course now i have both nova and legend sitting at the gate wanting in but i told them so sorry..until legend settles his food issues (which he might on his own once he settles in and gets used to food everywhere)... they stay out of my room. be good legend and maybe one day you can again be a bed buddy.....

marvin is not doing great so he is added to the vet runs and going in for a check up tomorrow...renee will drop off the three to hillndale and i will run marvin into maple ridge cuz dave has been his primary vet and knows his mouth problems really well.

tomorrow will be busy cuz i did diddly squat today except for giving chance a bath and one vet run. so friday is now paperwork, vet and feed and supply run..better to do it all on a day that i feel oden and i quite enjoyed being lazy today.



Carol can you let Krista know that I wont be able to come in early today, Ill do the walk when I get back from the vet and not to worry abOut it. Thanks


Carol I'm having a mind blank, who am I taking into the vets besides the kittens?