Rescue Journal

am i mistaken...

Carol  ·  Feb. 18, 2012

or is that damn deviant duck floyd parking his little white ass on a $20 a bale hay bed tonight???? maybe he does have the $10 a bale local hay for his butt and it just looks pretty damn green, soft and grassy cuz it is getting dark and my eyesight now pretty much sucks???

please tell me this is so.

odie was seizuring today..his bloodsugars bottomed out and he became hypoglycemic, i talked to the vet and have sliding scale orders for his insulin depending on his blood sugars tomorrow. i am holding his insulin tonight and i won't give it at 530am before i leave in the morning cuz there won't be anyone here to watch him. caylee is popping by on her way to hemlock to check his bloodsugars and give him whatever insulin he needs. he is better now..laura came by and fed him another snack mid-afternoon but he is still in the post seizure recovery stage so he is mostly sleeping. monday morning i will drop him off at the vets for a blood sugar curve.
you can tell the poor babe doesn't feel so great..he is actually for a change being good!

who'd have thought i would miss the chaos causing pain in the butt dog!?..sigh...but i do.

i was supposed to post something on the blog tonight...but damn i have forgotten what it is. so if someone knows please feel free to remind brain is apparently fried again.


Bunny Horne

MO - I forgot....I'm bringing bananas, pears, organic apple chips and strawberries for the barn Saints this morning. See you soon.

Bunny Horne

Carol - a friend gave me the remains of dog's meds - I will leave them in the MP room this morning on the desk.

MO - Ali advises Brad's need really needs to be reworked, he has pulled a lot of bedding out and she could only fluff it yesterday, he wanted to stay indoors out of the rain and snooze. We will work on that right after feeding this morning, you can show me what product to use for his bedding and Brent and I will take it from there.

Ali - your rug hooking project is in a white plastic courier bag - Alison's Rug - we will leave it in the MP room on the desk.

Sheila - I will leave an envelope with your name on it in the MP room. It has some donation funds in it for the Pub Night. These are TEAM BARN monies. It is going to be a huge challenge as Brent and his coworkers have been on workshare and will be until June. 2 days - 3 days work a week. He doesn't have his usual earnings and his coworkers have families and they can't donate or attend. It is against company policy for me to solicit at work, I am still doing some rug hooking projects in an effort to raise $$$ for Saints.