Rescue Journal

the one advantage to the early shift is...

Carol  ·  Feb. 18, 2012

it is pretty darn clean in here when i get up cuz everyone is still sleeping...of course it sucks for the weekend warriors cuz once i am out the door, they all will wake up and start pooping and peeing.
sorry guys..but it is kind of nice for me.

holly has diarrhea again for some reason (maybe from being so upset at the vets on thursday???)..her bloodwork came back yesterday and all it shows is infection from her teeth and moderate kidney disease. she is to start antibiotics and metacam for pain from her rotten teeth and i will book her in for a dental asap.

nova and legend again got to sleep in my room so this seems be a good compromise..they can come in when everyone is settled down for the night and then legend doesn't get all wound up over the food bowls.

marj is again attacking the cats in the mp cat room so i am thinking of pulling her out again....i am thinking of moving her up to the suite to live on her own but i had wanted to move coco puff up i am thinking about who needs the suite more..the trigger happy healthy hag or the really shy and sweet and declawed little old ancient girl....

and enough thinking about cats and living arrangements... i better get my butt into work.



Marj was quite the bully last Saturday too.
Hope Holly is feeling better soon
Coca puff is so sweet, hope she doesn't go up to The suite.
Can marj go into the other room beside Ollie & the sister?


oden and the new goldens (legend and nova) can go out to the barn leash free..altho someone needs to watch them cuz nova and legend were apparently running the fence lines today. holly can go out to the yard off leash, but keep a close eye on her and bring her back in when you can't watch her.


Carol; Do Holly and Oden still have to be "on leash" in the front yard? - so I know for the morning, thanks