Rescue Journal

you know what i liked best about the folks who adopted legend and nova?

Carol  ·  Feb. 19, 2012

well first of all..these were the really kind folks interested in adopting ewok and smokey that dawn has been corresponding with over the past few weeks..even once they found out that smokey could (and probably will) literally die any second. but,, i really wasn't too sure i wanted to move smokey now and i was only considering it because it was truly such a great home. i also think ewok will do better initially adjusting to smokey's death is familiar to i introduced them to the goldens and it was a great match.

but anyway..back to the REAL reason i liked them so much..they also REALLY liked hilda.

i use hilda a lot for a bunch of stuff. i will purposefully send both homes i like and homes i don't like to look at hilda..she is a good testing dog. no one really likes her too much..mostly cuz she usually doesn't give a shit about anyone and ignores them (except me..she likes me a lot!)..and occasionally if she is in a haggy mood and someone tries too hard to make friends with her...she bites them. you tell a great deal about folks when they are looking at hilda.

anyway..i didn't send these folk to see hilda..they had already met her by the time i came home...but when i suggested they meet her..they said that they had and they liked her a lot...and she was a real contender for adoption with them..they liked her spunk and her personality..OMG YAY..someone finally saw the incredible personality hidden inside this old girl!!!

in the end they really wanted two old, bonded larger dogs and i was really happy with their final choice of legend and nova. they haven't made this their home yet or fallen in love with me like hilda has..she thinks she is home and the goldies still felt homeless here so they needed this family more.

but i have to say, i am incredibly pleased that someone was actually drawn to and really liked hilda as much as me!!! in the couple of years that she has been here...this was the first time that someone (besides us) really liked her.



I like Hilda too.
Glad Legend and Nova get a new home. That was so quick I didn't even get a chance to meet them.


how great for the golden oldies. when i met them on sat they were very sweet. glad they got a home so soon.

Carol Ann

wow I too am surprised about Hilda. I could never figure out why she was still there. I thought about her too at the beginning but her spunk would have set off my lab and then little black sweetie started having problems so I brought her home. Something I never regretted. Hilda is a sweet old lady wish she could get a great home soon. and she is so cute after her grooming recently. It is always so nice to hear about really good homes for animals, we hear so much about the bad.


lucky legend and nova! in and out so fast we hardly got to know them, shitty and great all at the same time.

Wendy Scott

Hi Carol,
I was worried when I heard about Smokey and Ewok being adopted out. Not so much about the people because I know you screen them well. My concern like yours was when Smokey passes Ewok will be very upset. I think she will be better adjusted where she is at Saints with the familiar people and animals around her. I can tell you when she was ever seperated from Smokey and left alone, she would bark constantly. She is used to companionship-whether it be two legged or four legged.
I am happy you made the right decision for them both.
Thank you.


Really ? I love Hilda! Been contemplating adopting her for months, but trying to get our traveling done before I even pursue her. I always go visit Hilda and she loves to sit with me. I'd take her or recommend her.