Rescue Journal

phoebe is not dying...

Carol  ·  Feb. 20, 2012

probably eating sticks again and irritating her throat and her gut with some esophageal reflux...she has been vomitting today and is pooling fluid in her esophagus which is why i heard fluid sounds...but thankfully her lungs are clear.

apparently she will stay alive to torture me some more, probably for many years to come.

i am sure i was freaking out cuz if she suddenly died...everyone would think i did her in..i am sure it had nothing to do with actually feeling fondly towards the little red freak.

other updates...

chief is cleared for his dental on thursday...his bloodwork is ok.
marvins bloodwork is also back and it is ok.
still waiting on lizzie's and tonka's test results to come in...since they were sent to the lab instead of an inhouse snap test..they take longer to come back. and by the way..i wrote down who was who wrong on the medical room board..lizzie is the almost all black tuxedo one and tonka is the bigger black and white bicolor..sorry i don't know what i was thinking when i wrote it but i fixed it right now.

i think i have pretty much decided that caroline is not going to get better enough..even with the increased pain meds. i will call the vets this week on my days off but i think it is time to let her go....she simply cannot spend the rest of her life laying down in the barn because it hurts too much to walk anymore.

odie is booked in for wednsday morning for his blood sugar curve...he is doing well on the reduced dose for now and is back to his pain in the ass usual self.

and thats most of the news as i know it for now.



I knew Phoebe was going to be just had to be. That girl will be around for a long long long time..well she better be.

Caroline is really sore Janice..I wish I could think it was just the comfort of the barn,but it isn't & my heart already feels sad for knowing this & that soon she will go to the bridge . Baby Jack will be there so she won't be alone. I do worry about Annie & Elizabeth, they will be lost & confused and I will sad to see them that way.

Janice Gillett

Wish it would get sunny so we know its pain keeping Caroline from getting up and not just liking spending her days in the barn cozy and warm.


i 'll have to remmmember that when Reese has a stick in her mouth '' ''drop IT '' Yaay Phoebe glad you will be ok'' hugz Polly


I confess to have worried about Phoebe all day! Delighted to read that she was just "being Phoebe."


So glad Phoebe will be around to drive us nuts on Saturday morning!
Any chance of a phone call tomorrow? I really would like to write the two grant apps before the deadline.


I would like everyone to know that Phoebe was absolutely on her best behaviour today at the clinic. :)


Yay Phoebe for not dying but BAD PHOEBE for chewing on sticks and worrying your humans!

Wish that Odie would calm down. Glad he is doing better but not glad that he bit someone today - even if he was getting poked.

So sorry about Caroline. It is a decision I would not want to make but you always look out for your charges. If it is her time I hope that she passess gently and quietly, surrounded by her friends.

Prayers for all of you.


the house just did not feel the same without Phoebe there today and Odie just laying on the couch. Even though those two are a royal pain in the ass sometimes the house would not be the same without them. Before I left work today I was glad to see Phoebe back home and Odie was off the couch singing his little heart out. Glad to know everything will be back to normal tomorrow. Give them all a big hug from me and I will see them all in the morning