Rescue Journal

both fergus and i are feeling better....

Carol  ·  Feb. 21, 2012

i cancelled his late afternoon vet appointment since he is ok...i really cannot afford to keep taking time off work to get the sickies into the clinic every day. i will book him in for some bloodwork on my days off cuz we should check his phenobarb levels and his kidney and liver function again esp. now that i am thinking about it even if he is feeling better today.

odie is playing with that stupid pink kong toy that looks like a giant baby soother thing..perfect toy for the big baby but he is pissing the other dogs off as he flings it around. reminder to me... do not forget he has to be dropped off at the vet in the morning on my way into work....sigh..i better take the staff in donuts at lunch time so they don't hate me after listening for several hours to the big baby scream at being confined in the kennel inbetween testing.

phoebe's blood work and urine C&S came back...inflammation (from her gut) and apparently she has a bladder infection...gee good thing we accidently found that!

tonka's and lizzie's test results are back...they are both negative for FIV and FeLV (this off site lab test is more accurate then the inhouse snap tests which is what mistakenly originally stuck them with the FIV positive label) that is great news. now we have a pair of super sweet, totally healthy, 11 month old kittens looking for a really great home together.
soooo...if everyone could pass the word around to any possible great, indoor only, homes that you know.
tonka and lizzie don't belong here... too young...too healthy..they should be in a great home of their very own.

this is why multiple testing on positive cats is morally many false positives lose their actual lives in shelters who euthanize positive for FIV or FeLV cats all across the country...too freaking sad and unfair. more shift to go then a few days off...hip hip hurray..i AM going to get out to deroche and see dixie!!!!



i can always help out with vet visits during the week. just let me know. also i feel bad doing this but i am going away on thurs and wont be back till the end of the weekend so can not come in to saints hopefully dianne could make it in on sat.


it probably would be cheaper but since if they are well..they usually don't into the vets... unless there is a reason like monitering bloodwork for whatever reason. so when they do need routine bloodwork, it doesn't hurt for a vet check at the same time. fergus not only seizures but he has ongoing eye and ear issues plus like everyone else around here, he is getting older (he is 15 now) so a listen to his heart and lungs nd a peek at his eyes and ears once or twice a year when he is in for phenobarb levels is not a bad idea.


would it be more cost effective to have a vet tech do regular visits to draw blood?