Rescue Journal

rough night

Carol  ·  Feb. 21, 2012

fergus feels like crap...puking and diarrhea. i should get his liver checked just in case...maybe that is why he is sick cuz phenobarb can be tough on the liver...i will call the clinics when they open and see if anyone can see him on my lunch break today.

i tried to go to bed early with a headache last night but between june, mystic, tina and didn't help...i still feel headachy/nausea this morning which does not bode well for fun day at work. real news or wierd carol thoughts today.. i just wish it was bedtime again.



Thanks Carol. I know my Granddaughter will want to come so I will try to make it this Saturday or Sunday at 11. and no problem helping I just wish I could do more and also give some time but that is just not working out so well right now. Maybe I will ask Laura about that when we come out. You all give our community such an invaluable service. Edie


yes mo we can change the spelling.

hi can drop off the donation at saints any day between 9am and 12 noon. if you would like a tour..come on a saturday or sunday at 11 am sharp and laura will take you thru..she gives great tours!

and..thank you so much for helping us!!!!!!


Sorry you are not feeling well carol & I hope Fergus is OK.. he was quiet when I went in to the bedroom on Sunday & when he didn't get up to see if I had a treat.. I was just sorta glad because I didn't have any treats & I hate to disappoint him..sorry Fergus.

on a separate note.. I had noticed that I spell Odin with an i and everyone else spells it with an e.. so I looked up Odin and this is what I found

Viking God

• Odin: He was the chief god and the father of Thor, Balder, Hoder, Tyr, Bragi, Heimdall, Ull, Vidar, Hermod and Vali. His wives were Fjorgyn, Frigga and Rind. He was known to roam around Midgard in human disguise seducing and impregnating women. This is why many mortals were able to trace their ancestry back to him.

Lol.. considering his long & low treasures..he probably did impregnant several females in his prior life.. can we change the spelling :-)


Hi I am trying to reach someone so that I can make a donation. I had to make it out in an Office Cheque and do not feel comfortable dropping it in the mail. Is there any way I can drop it off. thanks Edie

francesca Wilson

Hi Carol, Marie and I will be at SAINTS tomorrow, around 10:15 or so.