Rescue Journal

more caroline

Carol  ·  Feb. 23, 2012


i went looking for caroline's life here back thru the blog...i just wanted to make sure that we had really given her something of value to take from this life with her when she went. i forgot how frail and thin she was when she came when i went down to pay the crematorium..they told me her weight was 169 pounds (with full coat of wool)..that made me happy...sweet caroline never went hungry here. is her story and her picture from when she came in...annie and elizabeth have been her constant friends and companions for the past 2 years..they even came running out of the barn to follow her body as we carried her on the stretcher to the van today. not only did caroline have a full belly but she had a very nice warm, dry and comfortable house and two very good friends....and she had a lovely, sweet name.

i think we did ok for her.

The new sheep’s story

her name was going to be sylvia (when i suggested it…mo knew the song) but then laura said it should be “caroline” because that song is easier and more fun to sing.,…and i do like the song caroline better so that is her new name…sweet caroline…la la la la..can someone post the words?

her old name was “sheepy” sorry, it did have to go. she has had a tough time of it lately….she is pretty thin and traumatized. the thinness is because she did not get to eat what our sheep get to eat so she will be pleasantly plump in a months or so time. the trauma is because recently the two llamas that she lived with and liked a lot (they were apparently her only company since the other sheep died)…were killed by cougars last week, right before her eyes. she has been hiding in a shed ever since then and afraid to come out. as i was watching her out in the field, i felt so very sorry for her obvious fear. i finally collected annie and elizabeth and put all three of them inside the gates of the new feed area. that way she was confined with some company and had access to the open barn if she felt the need to get out of the open and inside to feel safe.

it will take her some time to build her confidence and feel strong and safe again..but there is no rush. we will just keep our eyes open and try to make things as easy for her as we can.




I think you did okay for Caroline.....she was fortunate that SAINTS was there for her. We need to make sure SAINTS is around for the other Carolines in this world. Carol you let her know she was safe, you gave her friends and you loved did more than okay. RIP lovely Caroline.


Ok. It was just a thought I had :) I also never knew it was unpleasent for them.


shearing while necessary to keep sheep not pleasant for them..we would never stress out the sheep to shear them when they are close to the end.
caroline's wool was to keep her warm in the belonged to her..not to us.


Have you thought about having her sheared for the last time?The wool could be donated or sold to someone who makes wool clothing.Just a thought :)