Rescue Journal

man..some days i just want to shoot myself...

Carol  ·  Feb. 24, 2012

the accountant told me today that Worksafe is due Mar,3...$1600.00.

is that like before or after i somehow magically pull 3 grand out of my ass for my own property insurence plus saints liability insurence policies which are also now due?

i had felt a mild sense of relief that we somehow managed to barely make feed for the week plus payroll...that lasted for all of 30 minutes of feeling good.

whatever...maybe someone from WCB can come and repossess some of the odie....or maybe they will come and stick me in jail for being late..i could use some enforced rest.

i so want to get off this merry-go-round of bills flying in thru every freaking door and window.

that is what is pushing me into contemplating retirement..i am just so freaking tired of the struggles to do rescue.

anyway...back to the furry reality here...

the vets called with pete's bloodwork..he needs antibiotic and vitamin injections daily for the next week, i just zipped down and picked up the meds so we can get him started today.

it was pretty crappy weather this morning...slopping wet snow coming down. looks like it has stopped, at least for now.

bunny and brent are out there working hard getting frodo's trailer ready to sell...that will bring in some much needed cash.

ok...done complaining..thank god for maggie and the 1000 saints program cuz that took care of us up til today at least...i will worry about next week... i think.


another Doreen

Maybe 1000 Saints could be promoted more frequently and clearly on the Saints Blog? I've been following the blog for awhile now and have noticed 1000 Saints being mentioned a few times but haven't paid much attention and thought it was $1000 per year or something too expensive for my budget! $25 a month isn't bad though - less than a dollar a day, 10 good cups of coffee, ... I get at least that much enjoyment reading the blog!


I have a box of apples for the barn guys and girls. Will bring it in tomorrow.


Don't thank me, thank all the good folks who have signed up for their monthly donation of $25.
For those who read this blog but can't volunteer at Saints due to location,etc. signing up through can work today when we were able to transfer enough money to help with the end of month expenses. Yea, us!