Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 25, 2012

that was a good sleep..i woke up at 1030 and again at 530 and went back to sleep til 730...yay!

i want to thank everyone for all of the apple donations this guys are so quick to jump up to help when our guys need something!

this is the good part of rescue when folks band together to help in small ways that adds up into something bigger. maybe apples in breakfast and dinners is not a big deal in the larger scheme of things but it makes our guys happy and that is important to you and to me.

i know i bitch a lot about how hard rescue is but it is hard and it is difficult and i think folks need to know this. we think it is just about sad stories that we can make happy again but it so much more than is a committment to caring and caring is not just a kind thought or a actually has to be lived.

anyway..who am i worried about this week? pete of course...and esther, she is having trouble getting up again...manny is always a worry and so is phoebe right now (she had another not so great day yesterday)..
marvin is not doing great...holly is still not quite mentally right..percy's recent rambuctious behavior is a bit of a concern, and while czar is better, i am thinking about him and his ongoing problem as well..i am not too keen on keeping doing the repeated sheath cleanings, i wonder if they are doing more harm then good...i feel quite sorry for coco puff cuz i know she is lonely still and i am trying to decide if i move her up to the suite, can i spend enough quality time with her? one of the classy chick again is not doing well and i forgot i was going to pull her out into the shop yesterday so i better do it today for sure.
odie seems stable again and odin is doing great..his coat is shining up since his bath and he is slowly putting on weight. fergus has diarrhea again and so does lucky and i am watching those bunnies to decide if we need to move them or not.

i did the feed runs yesterday so everyone will have full belly's this week and i don't need to worry about apples cuz i think that problem as been solved thx to your donations and maggie tells me ko is bringing 2 boxes in each weekend now...thx ko!!!!!

well..i better get dressed, grab breaky, get the diabetics and meds done and head over to the bunny room...oh and i will need some help giving pete his injections and hosing down czar.



The windows in the bunny room are always running with water and there's a lot of mold below and around the windows. I've tried to clean it up a couple of times on my Sunday shift, but don't usually have time. Maybe I can come up early one afternoon and devote some time just to cleaning that area - it might help, and I don't mind doing it.


A heater could help, Carol - it's worth a try. A lot cheaper than putting up a new bunny building, or moving the bunnies somewhere else (which would be stressful for them, and where could you move them anyway?)

Bunny Horne

Carol....shhhhh...don't tell the other teams, but I just sold a personal item on eBay and got $70 that I can contribute to the March Pub Night. GO TEAM BARN GO.


i am wondering if just putting a heater in there will help take out some of the moisture in there. i may try that and see if that helps...sigh..i guess i better call the electrician cuz i want it wired in, free standing heaters are a fire hazard in there.


Hi Carol - an update on the bunnies from my perspective,if it's any help to you. Amber and Thumper have wheezing coughs, and Thumper often has stuff coming out his nose. Tu has had runny eyes in the last couple of weeks, and Spiffy has been wheezing and has had puss in her eyes for the last couple of weeks as well. This damp weather isn't helping, for sure. Once it warms up and isn't so wet, the bunnies should improve (hopefully) - but who knows when that will happen.


Carol -- please don't ever stop posting your reality. It is important to hear the successes, but also the struggles. Selfishly it also helps us people that are farther away to be a small part of the SAINTS lives. Thank you.

Bunny Horne

Carol, the trailer is posted on Craig's List and Kijiji - the Kijiji ad looks fabulous.