Rescue Journal

well...the cows are pissed...

Carol  ·  Mar. 1, 2012

actually pretty much all of the barn guys are pissed...except for ziggy-pop cuz he is still wandering around, checking things out. but everyone else is shut up somewhere out of the way...why you ask?
because today is the start of building a new barn yard bird area day.

today is fix up the roads to handle the heavy equipment..tomorrow is get rid of the manure pile (cuz that space is part of the new chicken yard) and demo the current coops and pens to prepare the site for the new build. all in all i am thinking it will be at least three weeks before our chickens and ducks are free again..until then they will be in cages inside the barn...that's gonna suck.

i almost regret doing is going to impact the entire place..including the dogs cuz we will be temporarily losing the back yard fence. but i am hoping the chaos and pain that we are all going to feel is going to be well worth it to our barn yard birds..i hope this is true!

anyway..this project is possible thx to a generous grant from the Vancouver Foundation who are so kindly financing our new rescued chickens, ducks and turkey pens and coops. YAY Vancouver Foundation!!!!

i do so hope that percy stops bawling soon..he HATES being stuck in the barn...he wants to play with the bobcat and excavator..he just KNOWS they would be lots of fun.

and...oh....before i forget...todays remote war score...

mystic 15
carol zip

sigh..she is a champion at this.