Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 2, 2012

is brent here this weekend??? i just hurt my upper back and neck trying to get the cows out of the barn..those god damn freaking barn doors were stuck!!!! they need to be loosened up.
and oh my god we might so freaking well suck!!!..i think maybe we shut them in there this morning without any water...they ran for the water troughs when i finally let them out...maybe someone remembered to put in a couple of buckets...i actually forgot to look cuz the fencing guys came while i was trying to open their god damn doors....but i am thinking they were so thirsty that they probably dumped them out if they were in there.

oh hey..barn weekend warriors..can you steal one of the baby pigs big round tubs and put in the corner of the barn and fill it up for monday when they get shut in again please???? it is a real time crunch to get everyone fed and shut in again before the excavating begins.

anyway...i was stressed today (because i always get stressed when things are all topsy turvey up in the air here) but the absolute worse thing of all was when i was struggling and panting, trying to open the cows door and percy stuck his tongue in my mouth..that was so totally gross and completely unnecessary.



Helga, I will keep the expensive items and have listed them on eBay. I do have a bunch of other items that might be perfect for your Garage Sale. So make sure we connect tomorrow so we can load the items into your car. Any money from these items is for the TEAM MP ROOM.

Sheila, I will pick up my 5 tickets tomorrow for the pub night and leave a cheque for you in the MP Room.

Also, the money from an ebay purchase has arrived in my bank account so I will also leave a cheque for you (Sheila) for $100. The $100 is for TEAM BARN.


yay janette, thank god we don't suck! wariors maybe steal both the babies big round tubs for their barn..that might be enough??


Where's the like button. Percy's tongue in your mouth too funny. 'sorry but you typed it' lmao too.

Janette Korabo

Hi Carol, yes the cows did have water. The buckets were wedged into the feeders so they couldn't tip them. Maybe it just wasn't enough with all the hay they were eating all day!


Hi Carol, Yes - Bunny and I will be there on Sunday morning. I'll take a look at the doors.

jamie bryk

Oh Carol I am truly sorry for taking a little pleasure in your pain/stess, but Percy . . . . . . LMAO!!!!!