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Carol  ·  Mar. 5, 2012

odie is in morning mr sucky baby mode...and so are tang and morgan...geez guys, go back to sleep please..i am in it is too early so don't bug me. plus i am already dressed for work so i do not want their hair clinging to me.

have you ever noticed..the more you tell someone to back off..the closer they get? what the heck is up with that???
gawd if anyone had seen me in the mirror this morning (after a pretty damn good sleep)...they would have called the loonie does my hair turn into psycho crazy cat lady when i am sleeping???

i think it might be chop-a-roo time again but i thought i just got it chopped not that long ago.

and what is it about aging that stimulates turbo hair growth? it is no wonder i have no freaking energy... my hair follicles are in speed of light overdrive and using my energy up.

rapunzle was not a fair young maiden cuz young hair is lazy and grows slow...she must have been a mature bitchy menopausal woman locked in a tower (for everyones continued safety) with nothing to do but watch her freaking old hair grow and grow.



no product! and "product" is just a term for hair stuff like hair spray, gel etc. Anyways no. It is just about using your brush properly and not trying to "force your hair" to go anything, just gently guiding with the brush ;) like helping it realise its own potential. It will invlove a few wist flicks with the brush ...

Like look how nice I made your hair look here for your picture with milo with just a few flicks of the brush--lookis pretty and this way no one will call her "sir" at the grocery store haha:


you are NOT playing barbie with me again..i freaking hate that shit.last time you were slopping "product" in my hair..what the hell is "product" anyway????

it sounds, smells and looks weird and it probably contains something horribly mean like whale sperm....poor whales.


mom don't cut your hair I love it long. I will show you this weekend how to brush it nice :) it will be easy peasy


We should all be like Ellie. Doesn't worry about her weight or strange hair growing out of weird places. She just presumes she is adored and loved and everyone is there to do her bidding.


My problem is I'm losing hair. What's up with that? I used to have a good head if it but now I can see my scalp. But yes, they have all gone to the chin. ha ha


Ha Ha.. my chin has the same problem.. I used to call it my " male hormone " there is a herd of them.


Why are there no men commenting? I guess they would love this problem.

Carol, I thought you once said your nose was growing? At this rate there will soon be two Carols which might be a good thing for SAINTS.


I so can relate to that, the older I get, the grayer it gets....and the less control I have over it!!!!!!


That gave me my morning chuckle - I can identify with the hair growing faster as you get older (or seeming to), and hair sticking out everywhere when I get out of bed, looking like I've stuck my finger in a live electricity socket!