Rescue Journal

mouth wars...lots of noise..(hopefully no bite.)

Carol  ·  Mar. 6, 2012

i am on the phone with janice trying to figure out the plan for thursdays pig transport for neutering and odie blows a gasket cuz manny is chewing on a ball and all balls apparently belong to odie. i fling the cell phone onto the couch and start pulling odie back by the hips and i am saying over and over..stop it, knock it off, cut it out..while watching odie carefully so he doesn't swing around and bite me.

manny is laying down (cuz he can't get up without help) and totally pissed that odie was yelling at him so he is yelling back at odie which is pissing odie off more.

phoebe jumps down off her shelf and starts barking and barking and bouncing up and down adding to the tension..i told phoebe to shut the fuck up while i concentrated on moving odie and manny far enough apart without shedding any of my blood.
once odie was pulled back enough he started to calm down..once odie wasn't screaming at manny, manny too began to get calm.

the exciting fun was over so phoebe went back up to her bed and i picked up the phone to continue my conversation with janice.

janice was chuckling and said who did you tell to fuck off?..i said phoebe..janice said of course who else would it be?

for crying in the sink..between a ball, a blind dog, a cripple and a red whirling blood thirsty cheering section... rescue related phone calls are not freaking easy.