Rescue Journal

ok...not so bad..

Carol  ·  Mar. 10, 2012

since he is no longer bent on wrecking my car.

last night he did quite rabble rousing. he was in fact a pretty good dog.
this morning he is still a bit nervous but heck, what do i expect...he has just landed in weirdo world.

i know how upset and weird i can get when i am big time stressed...and i am (despite what some folks think...) a very kind and very safe person..i would think an old dog has an equal right to getting a bit weird when his life is completely upside down and scary.

i was talking to maggie last night and we had an interesting, all over the map conversation.

anyway...i told her the animals here "get" me....the first thing they notice of course is i am nice and while they appreciate this, they don't really care..animals usually meet many nice people in their lives..and really in at the end of the day... what has it done for them?

lets be honest..not a heck of a lot...maybe some momentary warm and fuzzies..but did it protect them, did it keep them safe...could they count on those folks to keep their worlds right side up? apparently not.

and when they come here, sure they see i am nice..but they also see i am strong.

but here is the difference between people and animals...animals are not really looking at me to fix them, to make everything rightly perfect and warm and fuzzy in their world. animals are looking for an anchor in the storm to latch on to while they figure out and right their new world. and i am a pretty decent and solid thing to latch onto until they find a way to swim again on their own.

and do you know why i make a good anchor for them? cuz i am pretty damn strong.

shit... now i am an anchor and an anomaly..oh and a plant...someone should try to draw a picture of that!

anyway..what does suck for them is...what a difficult time these upset and upside down old guys have in finding an anchor....we need more solid anchors for them.

i was going to name him bad buddy...but he is not bad at all so i guess from now on i will just call him buddy-boy...and he is a very good buddy type boy.

(except in the car....)