Rescue Journal

nice night!

Carol  ·  Mar. 12, 2012

once everyone settled yesterday afternoon, it has been so quiet around here. even june and mystic only played briefly at bedtime before they too crashed. i got to sleep straight thru from 10 til 5 am and this morning everyone is still zzzzzzzz'ing. not such a bad way to go back to work after all.

hope everyone's mellow moods continues for the staff today too...that would be nice.

and i better go get the diabetics done and get to work.

hope everyone has a great day today...for me? so far so good!!!!
(knocking big time on wood!)



Erin Leave them in the mp room on the desk with my name on it. I will be coming up next Sunday


sheila, one of my coworkers is also a tupperware lady and has donated a variety basket for the silent auction, where can i leave it? or i can just bring it the night of?

Bunny Horne

Carol, I was in a liquidation store in Vancouver today that has used products from the Olympics. The attendant and I have chatted about SAINTS from time to time. Today when I went in she had bags of items for me.

They gave SAINTS 30 cotton flannel bed sheets (double) that were slept on by the athletes that attended the Olympics. The sheets are so damned soft I want to keep them. She was embarrassed that they are slightly soiled. And I mean slightly. They are clean and fresh.

She also gave me 5 slightly soiled single bed mattress pads.

I will leave all of the items in the shop on Sunday.

Our SAINTS Olympic PEE-ers can share the blankies of Olympic athletes.


Hi Carol
The presentation at the University is on Thursday...are you available to go with me? Also, I would like to take the two books with me to show the students, where would I find them?