Rescue Journal

worrying about the furry warts.

Carol  ·  Mar. 15, 2012

zsu-zsu had her vet check yesterday..just waiting for the bloodwork to come back. we are looking at her thyroid and kidney levels because her mouth is full of rotten teeth and she badly needs some dental surgery.

daphne isn't feeling great...i am wondering about a possible a bladder infection...due to her complete bladder incontinence, she is prime candidate. i can't get her into the vet until this weekend but i will try to get urine spec. if i can.

i woke up at midnight to fergus either stroking or having another seizure..not sure which. he had lost the use of his back end, and was flopping around trying to move in a panic. luckily i had the bed well covered in incontinent pads because of daphne, so when he lost control of his bowels, it was a super easy clean up.

what does really concern me tho was when i lifted him down to the floor, he puked. and what he puked was ton of undigested chunks of canned dog food that krista would have fed him 12 hours earlier which should not still have been in his stomach....that is so not good news. he has been better since we put him on meds but he only has a day or two left. now i am thinking, once he is done, his big time gastrointestinal issues will be coming back...and that probably means a gastric cancer.

i think i will be taking him off the tv star list....he wasn't going to be promoted for adoption anyway...he was to be an example of our permanent sanctuary animals who have multiple and complex medical issues but now i think he is probably too sick to be our ambassador for the 1000 saints program..he'd probably prefer just to stay home and relax. his next vet follow up check is the 26th. i guess we will wait and see how he does up til then.

i upped olivers insulin another unit last night cuz his blood sugars are still stuck in the 20's. i am getting nervous tho, he is so unstable that he goes hypoglycemic on very low doses. i have decided to keep him on the lantus because it has an 18-24 hour half lfe and then i can just give it once a day instead of worrying about 2 doses in 24 hours accumulating the effect on him...i think it may keep him from dropping too low. oliver is a big diabetic worry for me right now mainly because he is a fairly young diabetic at 5 years old. they younger they are, the harder it seems to regulate them in my experience.

buddy-boy and odie were a bit more tricky last night then they have been for me in the evenings...i found myself getting between them a few times when both of their body language said they were going to get lippy with the other idiot-stick. i was too tired to deal with their "i don't like you so move...yeah well i don't like you either so you freaking move" crap.

both of these dogs do not like being thwarted by anyone..including me..and both of them gave me lip back by growling at me. but here is the thing...i will slip in between them and step forward right into their faces and make them take a step back (i am bigger than both.) i really do not give a shit if that makes them mad. it is rude and pushy of me to do it...especially to dogs who have a great deal of "i am the boss" pride. but..they do have to back down from me..maybe they don't from each other..but when i am in the middle between the two...they better take a step back cuz i will risk pissing them both off at me to get what i want..which is peace in my house!

i guess going back to bed is not an option today..i better get moving or i will be late for work....hope the little wonder warts are all good today for the staff.



Aww, poor Fergus - hope he is okay. He reminds me of the dog I had when I was a child- and that was many many years ago!


Off topic, Dionne could you e-mail me please I have a question re the tax receipt you need. Thxs