Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 16, 2012

last night was only the second time that daph wasn't safely asleep in my arms since she came here (the first time was when neither she nor i slept at all cuz she was lost and i was out trying to find her.)
i adopted her because of jenn...daph was jenn's first hands on rescue and jenn cried when she left her here that first day because daphne was so afraid. i told her that daph would be fine in a week and she was..but there was a very deep and forever bond between jenn and daphne that was forged on that very first day. i knew that daph was a hard to place..unable to control leaking urine and dropping poop was a big issue and i also knew that no one would let her sleep in the bed curled up under the covers where she liked best because she had no control. so i felt ok adopting her because i wasn't denying her the chance of a better home and daph became part of jenn's and my family.

daph also totally loves KO and KO loves daph too....when jenn isn't around daph follows KO around and KO holds her under her coat so the little princess doesn't get too cold or wet.,,,cuz daphne truly believes that god put KO here specifically to haul that shivering babe warmly around.

i don't actually care that i am third on her hang out list every weekend..cuz i get to hold her every night in my arms and hope that i placed her incontinent pad just right so we both get a good nights sleep.

and there are many others in daphne's odd life that love her as much as we do...i think pretty much anyone who ever meets her falls in love with her too. i watch mo smiling and laughing time and time again as daph runs past to boss around some giant big dog cuz daph is just a tinier version of both jenn and me...a little'er general walking (running) boss.

you simply can't go back and re-do some of the mistakes that you make. i know the bladder stones are not my fault and i know why i didn't know they were there. but if i knew a month or two or three or four ago (or however long ago those freaking things came)..if i had known what i now know today..i would have done something to make sure that our so greatly loved daphne was ok.
please get well daphne..i will never make the same mistake again.


Carol Ann

help--is there anyone available on sunday at saints to clip Angus for me (he is the well behaved one lol) Thanks

Carol Ann

how could anyone meet Daphne and not love her. Get well quick little beauty, everyone needs you home.

Bunny Horne

A few things...

DAPHNE - get better and hurry back to Saints - we need you

CAROL - I will bring a bag of Mini Eggs on Sunday and leave them in the shop. Ewok - make sure you get one.

HELGA - good luck with your garage sale - looks like the weather will be perfect

MO - I will bring fruits for the barn dudes on Sunday

fyi - got caught at work yesterday trying to raise $$$ for Saints - ooops - why does the world think there are only two charities - U-Way and kidz hospitals?