Rescue Journal

the morning after.....

Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2012

who was i in the last couple of days? i was in a full blown emotional panic and i accidently took in how many new incontinent spinal disease dachshunds? and i thought bargaining with karma might save my daphne?
i have a pink ribbon from daphnes blanket tied to my wrist cuz i have this thought inside my head that it may keep her tied to me? it is stupid (but i still ain't taking it off.)

i am a very calm, practical and common sense person so where did this superstitious, wrist ribbon kissing , save every incontinent daxi, maniac come from?

ahhh carol...she came from utter terror.

i was like this with tyra and i see i am back again now with sucks.
anyway, everyone please forgive me over the next little bit cuz i sure as shit am not in my right head. god only knows what i will do until i know daphne is safe again.

at least part of my practical side is back for a bit this morning....

i am moving bud (buddy-boy) out of this side of the house and shifting him over to the big dog room.
now that he is feeling and moving around better and both physically and emotionally more settled and comfortable....i am noticing that he is not only far too interested in my cats, but he is starting to chase them and that is VERY BAD.
moving him should fix the ongoing issues that occur when i am not around between him and odie as well.

and what to do about odie who bit rumple so badly? i should make him go live seperately..not that i have a segregated area free. by rights i should probably nuke him but to me there is a difference between an asshole who bites when he is pissed and a violently aggressive dog out to kill or maim. and odie is not violently aggressive, he is simply a spoiled rotten, all about me, tempermental prick ( he is a freaking siberian husky.)
i really can't isolate him because it would drive him insane...he absolutely has to be with me whenever he can.

so i have to find a way to manage him better to keep everyone else safe from having to get stitches again.
i guess inbetween thinking about daphne ..i need to spend some quality time figuring out odie's new management plan BEFORE he bites someone else.

jeezuz odie you are SUCH a pain in the ass.



believe me if I never already had 3 dogs, I would adopt that pain in the ass Odie in a minute. Spent 3 summers working in Resolute Bay NU.Those buggers are territorial as hell.Those who lived at the bottom of the hill would put a thumping on any dog who dared come down and if anyone dared venture up the hill, they got the same treatment.Actually the first girl that I worked with up there is from BC and just had one of the huskies flown in from Resolute and she was my favourite husky.


Yeah, whatever it takes to get thru this is definitely ok - Daphne has so many people pulling for her, and sending out positive thoughts and prayers - she has no choice but get better and back home to you Carol. It's also really nice to know that Caylee is there and can give her a little extra tlc. Looking forward to meeting Pinky and Jazzy too.
Sheila, I will bring my total of donations collected to the Pub night - if that's ok. I'll be there early. I'm not saying what my total is yet tho'.


After reading this blog today Carol, my heart grew a lil more for you. There is nothing that gives us peace that can be seen as stupid or silly. If that ribbon is the only thing keeping you grounded, then by golly, keep it where it is. Daph is such a part of your life and of your heart, it is only right that you should want to keep yourself connected as much as possible. Prayers and love coming at you! Stay strong! =)


it keeps her near you. since she can't be, it's important that something of hers is. it makes perfect sense to me.


Wyatt a pot bellied pig was a house pig for a month with a foley catherter in his bladder. We were right there when he was able to pass the stone and pee on his own. If a pig can do it , a doxi can!!!