Rescue Journal

bud gets in..bud gets booted out again.

Carol  ·  Mar. 18, 2012

it seems we are stuck...out go rumple and odin and in come pinky and jazzy.
it is like there is a cosmic bean counter making damn sure we don't turn into slackasses around here.

damn you busy bean counter! we actually want to slack off a bit up here!

so...bud made the adjustment to the big dog room pretty well. jess is leaving him alone because he suspects that bud can and will clean his rickety old clock if jesse starts with the intimidation shit. the only issue was when i opened up the gate between the two rooms and bud climbed up on the bed and made himself comfortable. he tolerated hilda bitching in hs ear, he ignored joey trying to bully him off, he seemed completely oblivious to the thundering games of mystic and june right on his butt. but he was highly irritated by fergus flitting around.
everyone else has gotten to used to fergus but bud hasn't had a chance yet to learn that fergus fluttering around all over the place is not any threat and is best he started snarling at him and that got him kicked off my bed, out of my room and the gate closed again.
sorry one is allowed to get mad at fergus (except tina cuz she won't do him any harm...he is deaf so he can't hear her ear piercing screams of constant fergus is moving again outrage.)

i guess i better get dressed, i don' know why i didn't sleep well last night but i didn't. ..must be because i am missing daphne and making myself sick hoping and hoping that soon she will be home.