Rescue Journal i am stupid.

Carol  ·  Mar. 19, 2012

nightmare trip to and from the vet...bud barked and barked and ate the seat belts again..ferg was flipping around in his crate and proceded to flip the entire crate over on it's side.


the freaking vet appointment was actually for next monday and i am apparently stupid and do not know that today is only the 19th not the 26th....big freaking DUH!

oh well..i got to see daphne and she felt well enough to give me some "hello mom" kisses. today i am cleaning off the blanket box next to my bed to set up a cage in anticipation of her maybe coming home soon.

hope is floating big time today.

and tammy and i will repeat today's nightmare vet trip next week will be real life deja vu!



Maybe Bud would be happier if her were in a cage/kennel in the car. I dunno but it might work.


Yes today's vet trip was interesting. We'll just call it a dry run for next week. Marvin took it all quite well though. I was impressed with him, he didn't seem too stressed and when we got him home he ate quite well. He's a trouper.

Ann C

Hi Renee please e-mail me and I'll look after the tax receipt for you. Carol if you have time could you please throw the receipts from your car in my in box. Sorry I didn't make it up this weekend been helping my daughter with my grandson while she is busy with the new babe.


i will check the account renee it should be fine, i have to make a deposit tomorrow anyway to pay for the delivery tomorrow so i will make sure we are good to go.

i will ask ann for the tax reciept for you (she's doing that stuff now)..ooops...i guess mj missed you?


Carol I haven't had time to cash my cheque is there enough money for me to do it tomorrow? Also I need a tax thing for sponsoring Jesse. Thanks!


Arghhh, carol I have so been there! Glad you got to see Pheebs though and the kisses must have made your day! Your babe will be home and beside your bed soon enough, I can feel it!