Rescue Journal

today all is well here..but apparently not everywhere else.

Carol  ·  Mar. 21, 2012

i really have nothing to tell you this morning cuz not much happened between my last post and this...a little bit of pee, a little bit of poop..i let the dogs out and back in and fed some of them dinner (only a few actually do get a full dinner...everyone else just gets a mouthful to appease.) i popped a few pills and insulin needles into some of our crippled crew. i played with a few dogs and cuddled a couple of others, i petted and gave some treats to the cats and then i went to bed.

my best (non crises) evenings are as simple and boring as that.

but i will tell you that i have within the last little bit had a few updates on both foster and adoptive saints...i saw some photos and a video of odin and he is doing great....dawn is in love with trudi so that is wonderful for both of them...rumple has started wagging his tail so he is happy halfway to heaven with maggie....theya's folks called and they absolutely adore her and she is happy as can be, laura said lady had an addisonian crises and while now has addisons, she no longer has cushings disease...both bear and big bambi are doing well...some of bears tumors are shrinking and bambi had a spa day and cabot's dad gave me a call and said mr cabot has fit into their home really well.

i have a couple of heavier thinking was from a woman faraway who wanted to adopt maybe. i said no cuz we had no way to check her out...she was pretty persistent and several more emails came from other folks in rescue asking us to re-consider so i finally said i would consider it if someone that one of us knew personally had personal knowledge of whoever was vouching for her and that person had personal kowledge of the actual potential adopter and the home cuz i am not sending one of our guys a thousand miles from home without being pretty damn sure it is a very great home.

and then i waited and waited and never heard anything back again. it felt weird cuz there was such a flurry of intense interest and then when i bend a bit...boom...simply nothing at all.

the other day i get a really disturbing email from some folks i know involved in CFETA (canadians for the ethical treatment of animals..they do amazing and truly great work)...and they are asking if we can take in about 20 farm animals from a farm "sanctuary" in alberta who has changed their minds about rescuing farm animals and was now dumping them out...(like we have room for 20 more cows, horses, donkeys and goats.)
but honestly who the hell starts a farm animal sanctuary and then kicks all of the animals out????

just the thought of this has boggled my brain...since when did rescue sanctuary care become a temporary thing? man there are some fickle and thoughtless folks out there...don't start something you are not willing to see thru. i think that is especially unfair to the animals...why not just let them die in the first place.... why screw around with them playing pretend rescue?????

there really ought to be some kind of rules on who can and can't do rescue and at the top of the list of not allowed are the fickle minded dream catchers who haven't a clue.

shit..i better get ready for work!



congrats on the shelter challenge win. I will be waiting for instructions on when to vote again.


Great that we won a grant in the Shelter Challenge. All that voting paid off!!!



Is Carol aware of this, looks like another grand in the Saints coffers (couldn't come at a better time)


I had never heard of CFETA before. I just checked out their website and it's so hard to look at. It gives me extra impetus to stay on the vegetarian path and to further decrease the ways in my life that impact animals (from not using down products to looking for quality non-leather shoes/purses, etc.) I wish everyone would take the time to see where the products they use really come from.