Rescue Journal

percy survived the surgery

Carol  ·  Mar. 22, 2012

he is still pretty dopey but up on his feet. two of our vets and their vet tech came to do the surgery and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for working so hard to save the prince of saints.

and now we wait and see..will the sutures hold together?, will he herniate again during his healing? will he develop pneumonia from aspirating some of the fluids he was bringing up during the time on his back??

and big thx to mo, laura, nicole, brent, ryan, janice, renee, krista, janette and isabelle (did i forget anyone???..jeez i am so brain dead now!) for not only being here with him but for all chipping in to do what ever needed to be done to help all of the so kind well is truly amazing the love and concern of so many people for one (pretty damn special) jersey steer.

the vets will be back first thing tomorrow to check him and load him up with more pain meds.

percy has had the very best chance to get well again.

i bought him one of the lotto max tickets..if he wins he will share it with all of his super surgical team!

our baby.




Oh my goodness my favorite cow in the whole world - please keep getting better sweet Percy, I want to see you dance again! Hugs and happy thoughts to you Carol :)

Pam, Nashville, TN

Sending big hugs & prayers to Percy that he may recover and quickly.
Carol, I don't know how you do what you do. You have had such a tramatic week and my heart goes out to you.


I'm so glad that Percy came through the surgery. What timeline is there for Percys' recovery. Off topic, but how is Daphne doing, I have a thing for daxies, especially cute little ball playing daxies.


The vets were AWESOME!! They helped lay down that big boy with quick and yet gentle ease as soon as he was feeling the effects of the sedation. No doubt to prevent Percy from falling down and causing further injury. I was really impressed with every one of them. It was hard to watch, from start to his standing up. Not the surgery, but the vulnerability of this gentle giant.
Carol, you know i am home so if your doing a night vigil, call me and we will set up camp out there.


I feel sick... please let him be okay. I love that cow. Everyone does... he is one amazing cow.

Praying hard to the karma gods for you Perce.. you're gunna be okay buddy

Carol Ann

great news it has been a long day. Keep getting better Percy we love you


Sending more positive vibes for Percy and all that love him to heal and feel better.


bunny your comment is priceless. it made me laugh. come on be strong percy and get better. how many cows can say they had this much love. wish every cow was treated this way. what a great world it would be.


What a roller coaster ride! Best wishes to Percy, strength to those who love him.

Good night, sweet Prince.